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What Is Video Ad Sequencing?

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

Getting Started For Video Ad Sequencing For Law Firms

Videos can tell a story. Instead of a still image or a paragraph of text, videos are presented, paced, and organized differently. The length and tone of a video can affect how people receive it. That said, using multiple videos that target different types of potential clients is more likely to get you leads than just one.

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One of the most effective ways for marketers to communicate messages is through storytelling. Storytellers develop relationships with their audiences by providing insights, evoking emotion, and relating to their target market in some way. Using videos to help you tell your story can have a far more significant impact than text or image ads.

Remember: Telling a story is far more memorable than simply saying, "Hire a Lawyer now."

What Is Video Ad Sequencing?

The concise definition for video ad sequencing is this: It is an advertising tactic that involves showing video ads to a target audience in a specific order. It focuses on previous user actions, whereas your role is to tell the story by presenting a specific video ad accordingly.

You may deliver your message throughout a customer journey by using video ad sequencing. You then decide on a sequence of your existing content that shows a succession of ads that have been adjusted for each stage of the customer journey.

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Remember: Showing the same typical ad over and over is less memorable than sequencing. Fortunately, video ad sequencing is a task that marketers can handle.

You may use YouTube's video ad sequencing feature to chop your video in various ways to create a campaign that tells a story over time.

The Different Types Of Video Ad Sequencing

Now that you know about ad sequencing, the next question should be: what types of marketing videos should you be making? You know that you need to tell a story, but how?

There a multiple ad sequencing models you can try. Some might work for you; others don't. So look at the list below and see which one might work for your law firm:

1. Tease, Amplify, Echo

The sequence in this model starts with a short teaser video to pique viewers' interest before ramping it up to a more extended, more detailed ad.

The sequence is as follows:

  • Video 1: Short teaser (Tease)

  • Video 2: Longer and more informative (Amplify)

  • Video 3: Retelling the story and adding a CTA (Echo)

Tease, amplify, Echo works wonders for increasing brand awareness and keeping your law firm's name in front of viewers' minds.

2. Mini-Series

Like the previous one on the list, the mini-series is also a three-video campaign. It divides the story into 3 chapters, each having a video at the start, middle, and end.

The mini-series format is excellent for increasing ad recall among viewers because it is conveyed like a conventional story.

3. Lead-In

The lead-in serves to introduce the spectator to the story before expanding on it. A short video ad introduces the topic at the start of the sequence. After that, viewers are treated to a lengthy video that expands on and concludes the story.

Remember: It works the same way as Tease, Amplify, and Echo, but without the Echo.\

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4. The Follow-Up

Think of the Follow-Up as the reverse of the Lead-In.

In this case, the longer video ad introduces the premise is shown first. Then it is followed by the short ad, which concludes the sequence by reminding viewers of the call to action.

5. The Direct Shot

Instead of having all the films work in sequential order, the direct shot presents the same idea from different angles. This means that your video ads do not have to be watched in any particular order.

Each time viewers watch, they see a new version or perspective of the story.

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