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What Makes A Good CTA For Your Law Firm's Website?

A Quick Guide To Writing Effect CTAs For Lawyer SEO

One of the essential aspects of Lawyer SEO is calls to action (CTAs). They are powerful and persuasive statements that persuade site visitors to do a specific action. Conversions are the acts that lead users to work or engage with your law firm (e.g., subscribing to your newsletter, filling out submission forms, etc.).

That said, here are a few characteristics of a great and compelling CTA:

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1. Creating A Sense Of Urgency

People are more likely to act when they have limited time to do so. Therefore, your CTA needs them to know why they need to act now and not later.

For example, you can emphasize the statute of limitations for certain legal actions.

2. Creating A Sense Of Necessity

It's easier to convince someone that finding a lawyer is beneficial than convincing them it is necessary.

Sure, they can get compensation for personal injury claims, but why do they need it? Why shouldn't they settle for what the insurance companies give them?

You need to express the sentiment of necessity in your content and your CTA. Otherwise, potential clients will think they can live with a few lost opportunities. So, instead of just saying how much money in damages they can get for the abovementioned personal injury claim, explain why it is necessary for their recovery and well-being.

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3. CTAs Should Be Noticeable

To attract the attention of potential clients, CTAs must be clearly visible. After all, everything happens quickly on the internet, so don't expect someone to thoroughly scrutinize each page or email. People will notice your CTA immediately if it stands out.

Here are some pointers on how to make your CTAs stand out:

  • Pick a color that contrasts with the rest of the page.

  • For example, instead of the blog's default black lettering, your text-based CTA could be red.

  • As an extra suggestion, you can make your CTAs pop by changing the background and overall color scheme of the page they're on.

  • Consider their placement. You don't want to put them in a location where they'll be difficult to find. They're significantly less likely to convert if they have to scroll or look around to locate it.

  • You can use hyperlinked buttons and images to make your CTAs stand out from the rest of your page's content.

4. Mobile-Friendliness

As mentioned, CTAs can be used in multiple ways (like buttons, pop-ups, and hyperlinked images). However, you have to make sure that these elements look as great on mobile devices as they are on the desktop browser.

Remember: Sites that aren't mobile-friendly will have trouble adjusting to smaller screens. If your buttons and pop-ups are too big or your image sizes aren't optimized, it might negatively impact the overall user experience.

Additionally, the smaller screens on mobile devices make it physically more difficult to click on CTAs. Make sure a CTA link or button can be easily pressed with a finger.

5. Testing Helps You Find The Optimal CTA

Despite pouring all your knowledge and creativity into composing that perfect CTA, the real test is when you reach your end-users. After all, a great CTA to you might not be as appealing to your audience. Since your audience is the one you should be catering to, you need to make sure you're showing them the CTAs they like.

Split testing or A/B testing compares two versions of the same element simultaneously. This creates a pure testing environment, with everything on the page save the single element remaining untouched.

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Now, it's time to test and refine the CTA. These crucial steps can be used to test a new CTA:

  • Choose a parameter. The first step in CTA testing is deciding which element to test.

  • Evaluate aspects of the CTA, like its phrasing, color (of the text or the button), size, position on the page, punctuation, and so on.

  • Put it to the test. You can produce the two versions of the CTA, show them to your audience, and see which one performs better (i.e., which generates the most leads, conversions, etc.).

Then, once you've analyzed the test data, you can decide which CTA to use and what improvements you can do to it.

Conversion rates can be influenced by even subtle differences in CTAs. Changing the size of a button, altering CTA phrasing, or changing the color costs very little in terms of time and resources.

How Experts At LawyerLeadMachine Helps Law Firms

When done right, Lawyer SEO can boost traffic, increase conversions, and expand your clientele. CTAs can help you convert more users to become clients.

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