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Why Is Local SEO Important For Law Firms?

Updated: May 25, 2022

The Huge Benefits Of local SEO For Lawyers

There are many ways to tweak your Lawyer SEO strategy to fit you and your law firm's goals. You can choose where you rank and who sees the content you create. One of the most popular ways to tailor-fit your Lawyer SEO is by implementing Local SEO strategies.

So, let's talk about local SEO, its benefits, and how your law firm can implement them.

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A Quick Intro To Local SEO For Lawyers

Local SEO is a collection of tactics to help your law firm rank in local searches and reach your target market. Local SEO involves various strategies such as citation building, local link building, review management, and much more to ensure that your law firm appears in the proper locally focused searches.

In short, the goal is to boost visibility in local searches. This is because you have so many competitors in general or global searches. This means ranking for the local SERPs is less competitive—and for law firms, it can sometimes mean it's more beneficial.

Remember: The people who are most likely to become your law firm's clients are based in your state or locale. State laws, policies, and proximity can significantly affect people's choices in law firms they want to work with.

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3 Tips On Implementing Local SEO For Lawyers

Local SEO is a widely-practiced strategy, so many proven strategies have brought great ROI to the law firms that implement them.

Here are a few that could get you started:

1. Use Local Keywords

Local SEO can easily be integrated into your Lawyer SEO foundations. You can use all the SEO knowledge you already have and add an additional layer of local keywords.

Remember: Optimizing for local keywords will enable you to rank in local searches.

Here are some examples of how global and local searches are different:

  • Global Keywords: personal injury law, employment attorney, divorce lawyer

  • Local Keywords: personal injury law los angeles, buffalo employment attorney, contingency CA divorce lawyer

One thing to note is that when ranking for global keywords, you're competing with every single website using global keywords. With local examples, you'll only be competing against law firms and related websites optimizing for these more specific search terms.

Hence, not only are local keywords much easier to rank for, you'll have a better chance of finding potential clients. After all, someone across the country isn't always going to need your services. So, targeting the people within your locale is the best way to go.

2. Get Local Backlinks

If you're familiar with backlink building and management, getting backlinks from high authority sites gets you traffic and an SEO boost. The same applies to local backlinks—you're looking to get backlinks for websites optimized for local searches to rank better in the local SERPs.

You can get these backlinks from local new sites, travel blogs, legal blogs, and many others. If a website ranks well in local SERPs and uses specific local keywords, they are a good source of backlinks to boost your local SEO.

3. Set Up And Maintain A Google My Business Account

Google My Business for law firms is a staple strategy in local SEO. This is because it uses Google's features, where business listings appear at the top of the SERPs when people look up businesses and firms.

So, for example, if someone were to search "new york law firms", business listings will pop up, giving the searcher access to the law firms' information and reviews. Additionally, Google's algorithm is advanced to the point that if someone looks up "law firms" or "law firms" near me, Google will use their location to give them a list of nearby law firms. This is also a feature used by mobile assistants (i.e., Google Assistant) who use Google.

If you don't have a GMB account yet, you need to get on it ASAP!

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Hire The Best Lawyer SEO Services And Find More Clients!

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If you own or manage a law firm, LawyerLeadMachine can help you build the best Lawyer SEO strategies and content. Review your options here.

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