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3 Things To Consider Before Starting A Legal Blog

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

Tips On Legal Blogging And Lawyer SEO Content Marketing

Legal blogging is a popular strategy for content marketing for law firms. It offers both accessibility and significant ROI to boost your law firm marketing strategy.

That said, legal blogging doesn't mean just writing whatever and whenever you want. There needs to be a solid strategy to attract the right audience, do well in the algorithm, and boost your law firm blog's Lawyer SEO potential.

So, before you write your content, consider these three crucial tips to creating a solid law firm content marketing blogging strategy:

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1. Target Niches Instead Of General Law Firm Content Audiences

It can be tempting to write engaging legal information that is as broadly targeted as possible because the larger your target audience, the more people you may be able to influence. But it's nearly always preferable for attorneys to write for a particular readership—a narrowly defined segment of potential clients.

You benefit from niche targeting in several ways. The most significant of which is that it helps you avoid competition. Competing with the thousands of lawyers who write on general themes is difficult, especially for small law firms. So you'll have fewer competitors to be concerned about and more opportunities to rank if you write content for a narrow audience. You can also use it to optimize for long-tail keywords, which are frequently ignored.

If your legal firm has several areas of expertise, you can divide your blog into several parts or write for different target audiences. But, again, you'll have an advantage if you're giving specialized information to people with particular demands.

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2. Consistently Post and Write about Legal Topics

For a variety of reasons, active blogs perform better than those that are rarely updated. First, you'll see increased ranks because search engines prefer blogs and authors who publish content often. By creating more onsite content, you'll be able to rank more pages and expand your control over keyword-based domains. Additionally, you'll demonstrate to your audience your commitment to offering the most up-to-date information.

This is also advisable since it enables you to capitalize on timely topics, such as news stories relevant to your niche. For example, you can write about new laws or a recent high-profile case and relate that to how you handled personal injury claims in California.

Using news stories should improve your relevancy and visibility in search engines while also providing you with a regular supply of fresh content ideas. Additionally, remember to build internal and external links to your finest content while writing thematically.

3. Audit, Analyze, And Improve Your Legal SEO Writing

No legal blog is great the first time around. The only way to improve it and get closer to perfection is to carefully examine the information you collect on your blog and take action based on your conclusions.

For instance, you can discover that some of your content themes perform significantly better than others; they frequently receive more shares, views, and time spent on the page. Therefore, it might be wise to produce more future content related to these popular topics and eliminate the less popular ones.

Data can also be used to determine your ROI. For example, you may determine the value of your legal blog by counting the number of new visitors you're receiving, your onsite conversion rates, and the growth in brand recognition. Then, you can compare this value to the amount of money you spend on the approach. If your ROI is positive, it may be time to increase your spending to maximize your profits. Conversely, your postings' frequency, subjects, or distribution method may need to change if you're experiencing a poor ROI.

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