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3 Important Lawyer SEO Keywords You Should Be Using

Updated: Jul 1, 2022

Beneficial Law Firm SEO Keywords That'll Boost Your Rankings

Keywords are an essential factor in Lawyer SEO. It is how you've found it on the internet, so it could really influence how much ROI you're getting on your law firm SEO efforts.

That said, choosing the right legal keywords is key. In addition, there's more to keyword optimizations than just using the ones with the highest search volumes, which means there will be more options for smaller firms and newer law firm websites.

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3 Alternative And Strategic Keyword Options For Your Law Firm SEO Strategy

You'll deal with long lists of keywords with different search volumes and audiences when doing keyword research. Of course, ranking in high-volume general keywords is the goal for many law firm marketing strategies, but you can start building up to that with other types of keywords.

Here are a few you might be missing out on:

1. Long-Tail Keywords

Short-tail keywords tend to have higher volumes because they're more general. This means more people use them in their searches. However, this also means a lot of websites and pages are competing to rank for them, making it difficult to climb up the rankings.

On the other hand, long-tail keywords tend to be longer and more specific. While this means they have lower search volumes, it indicates less competition.

Remember: Sometimes, it's better to rank higher for keywords with lower search volumes than to get buried in high-competition keywords.

2. Local Keywords

Local keywords are often long-tail, location-based keywords. Since they're long-tail keywords, they tend to have lower search volumes. However, there are several reasons why law firms opt for Local SEO.

For one, lower competition means it's much easier to rank. It brings all the excellent pros of targeting long-tail keywords in the meantime.

More importantly, law firms only need to appeal to their target audience, usually in one or a few states. So, for example, if you're only licensed to practice in Florida, you should be focusing on getting clients from that state. After all, an audience from California isn't likely going to need your legal assistance.

3. Trend-Related Keywords

A lot of legal news explodes and gets talked about for extended periods of time. It could be a highly-publicized case, new policies, controversies, etc. Although some of these topics won't be high-traffic forever, the spike in interest also means a traffic spike for many of these trending topics.

So, if you could write guides and articles about those topics, don't be afraid to use trendier keywords to try to rank high in them. Not to mention, people will still look up those topics even after the trend has passed, so it's not like you'll immediately lose law firm lead generating utility for content about those trends.

Remember: You should be doing keyword research and updating them constantly anyway. Even seemingly evergreen keywords like "los angeles labor lawyer" could lose traffic if people started using variations of the keywords you're already using.

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A Few Tips On Building Your Keyword Strategy

That said, Lawyer SEO doesn't always have hard and fast rules. What works for one law firm might not always work for others, so you need to figure out which strategy best fits your law firm and your goals.

Here are a few tips to help you figure that out:

1. Don't Skimp On Your General Keywords, Too

While we're highlighting the benefits of other keywords (some with lower search volumes), high-traffic keywords will still bring you the most ROI. You can still work towards climbing up the ranks, even with many competitors, so you need to use short-tail and long-tail keywords in your keyword research.

2. Do Multiple Runs Of Keyword Research

Keyword search volumes and trends can change. This is why you must check them and reoptimize your pages as necessary. After all, if a new keyword is more viable, you want to ensure you're reoptimizing older pages.

3. Audit Your Lawyer SEO Performance

Auditing is crucial in law firm marketing. But, again, not all strategies and keywords work, so doing an audit report will help you spot some weaknesses in your plan. Likewise, if a keyword or a strategy is doing well, it would motivate you to improve and keep doing them.

4. Use Keyword Tools For Better Results

It's hard to find keywords and monitor them on your own. Fortunately, Google provides many free SEO tools that'll help with keyword research, backlink building, auditing, and so much more.

In fact, Google Search Console is still widely used by SEO experts, so it's a great tool no matter where you are in your Lawyer SEO journey.

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