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6 Benefits Of LinkedIn For Law Firm Marketing

Updated: Jul 8, 2022

Check Out This Quick List Of Why You and Your Law Firm Need A LinkedIn Profile

As Attorneys, you might already have a LinkedIn profile. If you don't, now might be a good time to make one.

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Not only does LinkedIn help you connect with other lawyers, but it also boosts your online social signals. And if you've been implementing Lawyer SEO strategies for a while now, you know that social signals can definitely help your Digital Law Firm Marketing.

Below is a list of Lawyer Marketing benefits that comes with creating and optimizing a LinkedIn profile for your law firm.

1. Building Your Network

LinkedIn was made and is primarily used for building professional relationships. It highlights the account holder's professional practice, achievements, and most interactions on the site are centered around it.

You can link up and interact with colleagues, clients, professional advisers, and industry experts. In addition, you can offer insightful and relevant comments to posts from members of your network.

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Just because we're all used to doing our transactions online doesn't mean clients are willing to hire lawyers without proof of their legitimacy. Much like anyone's concern with product and service offerings they see on the internet, they would need to be convinced that you are, in fact, a legitimate law firm that can handle their case successfully.

Your law firm's LinkedIn pages are likely to be viewed by new or potential clients, so make sure they're up to date and intriguing. Take the time to update your profile if you've written an article, attended a training session, or spoken at a conference.

Remember: Photos are an effective way to show social proof. So make sure you upload photos featuring offline activities—like joining community events, conferences, university speaking roles, etc.

3. Attract New Clients

Despite LinkedIn's emphasis on professional relationships, remember that it's still visible to potential clients. They might have come across your website and decided to look into your social media platforms, so make sure your profile looks great to both lawyers and non-lawyers.

Some companies looking to hire law firms for business litigation cases might even go straight to LinkedIn for potential hiring.

Nevertheless, your law firm's LinkedIn profile is public and visible to everybody. So make sure you optimize it for both professional and client relationships.

4. Recruit New People

Attorneys wanting to move law firms will look through LinkedIn. It would benefit both you and prospective new talents to have access to each other's profiles.

Not to mention, since LinkedIn is built like most social media platforms, connecting with people for this purpose can be fast and easy.

5. Show Your Achievements

If your law firm recently won a case or received an award, update your LinkedIn. Law firms thrive on industry experience and excellent track records. This catches not only the attention of fellow lawyers but also potential clients.

Remember: Clients—especially ones who take their time to research a law firm—will want to know how experienced you are with cases similar to theirs.

List your achievements per area of law, case highlights, and offline speaking engagements.

6. Show What You Know

Articles and posts can be posted on LinkedIn. These keep you up to date on significant developments in your law practice. You can read what other lawyers and their firms have written, and you can publish your own.

And yes, you can definitely implement a content marketing strategy on LinkedIn. After all, content marketing only involves creating high-quality content that attracts target audiences to your landing pages.

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A Few Important Lawyer SEO Reminders

Using LinkedIn to boost your Off-Page SEO can benefit your online presence and brand awareness. However, you can only reap these benefits if you set up your profile right.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when you're creating a profile for your law firm:

  1. Don't just copy and paste the contents of your website. LinkedIn is a social media platform that caters to a different audience from the ones you might have on your website.

  2. Make sure it looks professional. Don't forget your profile picture, banners, and contact information. Again, it's a public profile among professional circles, so make sure yours look like it.

  3. Don't forget your headline. Remember, your headline is what appears under your name. Make sure it describes who you are, summarizes what you do, and leaves a strong impression.

Let LawyerLeadMachine Help You Find Out The Best Strategy For Your LinkedIn Marketing Campaign

You can start your Lawyer's SEO strategy by expanding your online presence—this includes being on social media platforms like LinkedIn. SEO involves on-page and off-page facets that all contribute to a boost in site traffic and conversions.

We are the top law firm marketing that provides lawyer SEO, legal content marketing, lawyer lead generation, and local SEO for law firms in New York, California, Texas, Florida, and many other states in America.

So if you're new or too busy to try LinkedIn marketing for your law firm, LawyerLeadMachine can help you with it. Whether it's content production or website automation, you have options here.

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