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Do You Need Legal Marketing Services In New York?

Updated: Nov 4, 2022

What Legal Marketing Services Do You Need To Generate Leads for your Law Firms in New York?

Companies and firms have widely used digital marketing as a lead generation strategy to find more buyers, get more clients, increase traffic, and improve sales. While digital marketing is relatively accessible to most (there are tons of free Lawyer SEO guides on the internet to teach yourself!), it's still a lot of work.

You need to research, plan, and audit each strategy to see what works and what needs improvement. Every strategy you implement must be tailored specifically for you, your niche, and your target audience. This could be tedious for law firms that want to focus on their cases.

That said, let's talk about law firm marketing and digital marketing strategies your New York law firm probably needs right now and the available options you have.

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Why Is Law Firm Marketing Necessary?

There are a lot of great lawyers out there. However, the ones getting the most clients are the popular, already-established firms. These established firms are likely mentioned and recommended by friends and family or seen in the news.

Remember: After all, people default to well-known names. So if people don't know your law firm exists, they won't be coming to you for important legal concerns.

Additionally, since these legal concerns are important to people, they also want to go to a law firm they can trust. They need a law firm that fits them and can address all their specific needs.

Law Firm Marketing can not only get your law firm's name out there, but it can also build a reputation. Not to mention, digital marketing is more accessible than traditional marketing strategies like TV ads, billboards, and radio commercials.

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What Law Firm Marketing Services Can New York Attorneys Get?

When it comes to law firm marketing services, you'll have a few options:

1. Lawyer SEO Marketing

Lawyer SEO is one of the most popular law firm marketing services. The goal is to rank high in the SERPs, generating traffic that can bring attention to your law firm. Other tactics include improving user experience, lead generation, and link building for lawyers.

Remember: Many law firms already use SEO legal marketing to find more clients and build their reputation. This can be mostly attributed to how often people use search engines.

Not only do people directly go to Google or Bing homepages to look up the things they need, but virtual assistants and other online tools also use them. As a result, you may not even be aware of how often you use Google products and services.

A Law Firm SEO company will start by looking through your website's SEO performance, including its ranking, keywords, and other vital data like traffic and bounce rates. Law Firm SEO services will also include Lawyer SEO, local SEO, and content optimizations.

2. Local SEO For New York Law Firms

The main difference between Lawyer SEO and Local SEO is that Local SEO focuses on ranking in location-specific SERPs.

Most clients prefer hiring law firms based in their city, county, or state. This is because state laws vary throughout the country, and accessibility is necessary for people who want to keep a close eye on their case's progress. In addition, you don't want to drive 40 minutes to an hour just to attend an appointment with your lawyer.

Remember: Global and national SERPs can be very competitive. You'd have to outrank all the excellent law firms in the country just to get on the first page. However, if you start with local keywords, you'd have a better shot with less competition.

Local SEO services for law firms in New York include local keyword optimization, Google My Business management, and local SERPs management. These are essential steps to get your law firm's name out there and find local clients ready to go out and step into your office.

3. Content Marketing For New York Law Firms

Content marketing is also a popular law firm marketing strategy, often implemented alongside Lawyer SEO. The goal is to attract potential clients through high-quality content. Unlike ads, where your law firm would be openly promoted, content marketing focuses more on organic traffic.

The most common form of content marketing is legal blogging. By writing high-quality blog posts, legal guides, listicles, and FAQs, you can start attracting new potential clients who are out there looking up legal information.

Remember: People already looking up legal guides online might be interested in the law or hiring a law firm. These people will more likely be persuaded into setting an appointment with your law firm.

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4. Social Media Marketing For New York Attorneys

Social media has become a marketing behemoth for companies, firms, and individuals alike. You can use it to build an audience and promote your services. Social media marketing can be a great way to get your law firm's name out there when done right.

Remember: Social media is a reasonably accessible channel that most ordinary people can run. That said, it still won't be an effective marketing platform if you don't have a set strategy. For example, you still need to post high-quality content, work to build your audience, and implement lead-generation strategies to turn followers into law firm clients.

Boost Your Legal Marketing Services with LawyerLeadMachine!

LawyerLeadMachine is a digital marketing agency that provides effective full-service legal marketing strategies and services to New York law firms and attorneys. Our goal is to help your law firms get more customers and increase their online visibility by creating a good marketing strategy.

Consult with our Law Firm Marketing Experts to get you started on Lawyer Marketing Services for New York Attorneys.

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