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How Often Should You Post On Google My Business For NYC Law Firms

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

When's The Best Time To Post On An NYC Law Firm's Google My Business Account

Many local firms and businesses largely rely on Google My Business to rank their local business higher in search results. In addition, it makes it easy to communicate with potential clients using Google My Business, the search engine, and Google Maps. This makes it a staple in many local SEO tips for lawyers (and has been proven to be quite effective).

One aspect of google my business for law firms is Google post. So yes, you can post content on GMB like on social media. And yes, they can boost local SEO for NYC law firms.

That said, let's look at some New York Lawyer SEO strategies associated with GMB posts and how you can implement them:

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What Are GMB Posts?

Businesses can submit information directly to Google's search results using the Google Posts function, which is part of Google My Business (GMB). Anytime someone searches for businesses on Google, the post you make on Google My Business will show up in your listing next to the search results.

In this case, whenever someone looks up your NYC law firm, GMB posts pop up. Since GMB posts are content, they can also be used for marketing via Google My Business for lawyers.

How Can Google Posts Help Your NYC Lawyer SEO?

The purpose of Google My Business posts is to provide users with more information about the top Google search results. In addition, they will be shown a preview of law firms' contact information and excerpts of any postings they may have uploaded to their My Business page if they search for a local service.

How then do these posts benefit your local SEO for NYC law firms? You get to decide what information will appear in the SERP, along with your NYC law firm's contact details and a brief description. You could add an interesting message or information to your listing and have more control over what appears on the Google search result page.

Again, GMB is often mentioned in local SEO tips for legal firms.

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How Often Should You Post On Google My Business?

Everything depends on the law firm marketing goals you have.

Diverse and current information would undoubtedly benefit your law firm. Posting frequently has also reported positive digital marketing results. This is because Google favors websites that are updated often and frequently.

For starters, you can try posting once a week. Then, make sure you're still posting high-quality, relevant, and valuable content. Otherwise, people won't have any reason to be interested in your Google posts.

You could post more frequently if you have an upcoming event that you need to promote.

What Happens After You Post On Your Google My Business?

It's still accessible on your My Business page. Although, it's not going to appear as a snippet on the Google results page. The good news is that you can easily rotate previous items to keep your content diversified because Google will not identify duplicate content on its My Business listings.

So, although they don't show up as snippets, people can still access them through your GMB profile.

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