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Common Lawyer SEO Mistakes Pennsylvania Law Firms Need To Avoid

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

5 Rookie Pennsylvania Law Firm SEO Mistakes That'll Ruin Your Progress

Implementing Lawyer SEO in Pennsylvania is a great way to boost visibility, expand your clientele, and build audience trust. It is also a more sustainable and long-term law firm marketing solution that could benefit law firms in the long run.

Lawyer SEO can be implemented by all companies and firms from any niche or industry. The best law firm SEO solution depends on what your goals are, who your audience is, and what industry you're in. However, if there is an ideal way to go about Lawyer SEO For Pennsylvania Law Firms, there are also common mistakes that could negatively affect your law firm marketing performance.

Here are crucial lawyer SEO mistakes you need to avoid from the very beginning:

lawyer seo pennsylvania mistakes

1. Setting Unrealistic Lawyer SEO Expectations

Unrealistic expectations can lead to two not-so-ideal scenarios: a.) you expect too much and become disappointed in the slow-moving numbers, or b.) you resort to quick solutions that could harm your Pennsylvania Law Firm SEO efforts in the long run.

Remember, Law Firm SEO won't give you a massive traffic and client conversion boost overnight. Instead, it will likely be a slow but consistent improvement, especially if you're a small or new law firm still trying to climb its way up the SERPs.

As for resorting to "black hat" methods, it is crucial to choose safe approaches over quick outcomes. Search engines, especially Google, have taken significant measures to identify, punish, and even remove websites that attempt to game the system. However, shady SEO practices could result in a penalty or, worse, a search engine ban for your website.

2. Not Doing Keyword Research

Focusing on non-strategic keywords is a typical rookie Lawyer SEO mistake. Unfortunately, many companies squander time and money by focusing on keywords they incorrectly believe people are searching for or selecting phrases too competitive to rank for.

A Lawyer SEO specialist can choose terms that would attract the most traffic while facing the least competition. Additionally, they can search for keyword synonyms, rival brands, and relevant subjects your clients might be searching for.

pennsylvania law firm seo

3. Not Adapting To Search Engine Trends And Updates

Search engines update their algorithms frequently to enhance the quality of searches and thwart system-manipulating or "black hat" SEO.

Google's algorithms have undergone three significant updates in the last five years, along with numerous smaller ones. These have fundamentally altered how its search engines rank web pages. Therefore, to get high search ranks, staying current with the latest updates is essential.

4. Prioritizing Legal Content Quantity Over Quality

Search engines' sole purpose is to make it easier for users to locate high-quality, pertinent information fast, and they are getting better and better at eliminating irrelevant content from search results.

Posting low-quality content for the sake of having content is a huge mistake. It won't help you increase your SEPR ranks, especially if the content of your other competitors is better. Instead, you must spend time and money creating high-quality content to inform, educate, and engage potential prospects if you want people to find your law firm website.

5. Stuffing Keywords on Your Law Firm Website

One of the biggest rookie Lawyer SEO mistakes is cramming your website with keywords to rank better in search engines. Unfortunately, stuffing your website with keywords is today seen as a "black hat" tactic, even though this may have been accurate fifteen years ago.

In addition to being unsuccessful, it will lower your ranks, and you risk being penalized or blacklisted. And don't believe you won't be discovered; search engines have gotten quite efficient at spotting keyword stuffing.

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