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How To Get More Leads For Personal Injury Lawyers In Los Angeles

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

Tips Implementing The Best Personal Injury Lead Generation For California Law Firms

The end goal of lawyer SEO is to find more clients for your Los Angeles law firm. So, aside from building traffic, you must ensure site visitors stick around and convert. That said, how do you even do that in the first place?

Let's talk about lead generation for personal injury lawyers and how they can be implemented.

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Why Is Lead Generation For Lawyers Crucial In Los Angeles?

You want to ensure that people aren't just clicking on your pages and leaving. The whole point of ranking in the SERPs, creating content, and starting social media accounts is to attract people to your website. Not only should you aim for traffic, but you should also implement strategies to turn site visitors into law firm clients.

In short, you want people to stick around and engage, not just click on your links.

california personal injury lead generation

4 Ways To Boost California Personal Injury Lead Generation

There are several ways to approach lead generation for personal injury lawyers. They can also be implemented by optimizing other law firm digital marketing strategies you're already running.

Let's look at the most popular and easily actionable lawyer SEO marketing strategies to boost California personal injury lead generation.

1. Be A Reliable Source Of Information On Personal Injury Laws

There are 2 crucial reasons why you should always aim for high-quality content:

  • Site visitors are more likely to trust you. If you consistently provide high-quality content, people will be more likely to trust your content, explore more of it, or come back to it. Not to mention, they might find your content through the SERPs or social media, so you want to ensure each one is as helpful, relevant, and complete as possible.

  • Search engines prioritize high quality. Search engines keep track of keywords, user engagement, and other stats to determine the quality of your content. This is how pages are ranked in the SERPs. So, consistently posting high-quality and reliable content will reflect on your page and rankings.

2. Implement And Improve Lawyer SEO

It goes without saying, the better your Law Firm SEO, the higher you rank in the SERPs. Of course, you can implement paid ads, social media promotions, and other marketing strategies, but Lawyer SEO is one of the most sustainable and long-term law firm marketing solutions.

So, pay attention to your keywords, build an excellent law firm website, and manage your links. Good law firm SEO also translates to a great user experience, so don't skimp on the technical things!

3. Use Your CTAs

Calls to action (CTAs) are a crucial aspect of conversions. They might seem like simple encouraging statements, but they can urge users to perform desired actions.

Simple statements like, "subscriber to our newsletter for more!" or "read more about car accident claims" can easily be implemented on social media, ads, and within your content.

4. Implement Local SEO Strategies

Law firms get personal injury clients from within their locale. So, for example, you're more likely to get California clients than ones from Florida. For one, state laws significantly affect personal injury claims and relevant policies.

Not to mention, head or general keywords are too broad, so there's more competition in high-volume SERPs. So for small law firms and new websites, it'll be much better if you rank in multiple long-tail keywords than get buried in head keywords SERPs.

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