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5 Law Firm Web Design Tips To Improve SEO Rankings

Updated: Jun 24, 2022

The Important Elements of Homepage Design For Your Law Firm's Website

Your homepage is one of the most visited pages on your site. If not the first thing users see, it's one of the pages people tend to navigate to when they're on a new site. Not to mention, your homepage will likely have the most internal links from all the other pages in your domain. So users must get a good impression of your site from the homepage.

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1. Show Your Logo

Almost every website has a logo. It's the first thing people see. They're often placed at the upper-left side of the page and are likely to still be visible on almost every page. They can be used as a direct link to your homepage, so users can easily navigate your website.

Logos hold a significant role in your branding. Your logo might also be one of the most memorable things about your website, so make sure to place them where people can see them.

Additionally, you can also use your logos in profile pictures and headers on your firm's social media platforms. So try coming up with one before you establish your online presence.

2. Add Calls To Action (CTAs)

Every website used for Lawyer SEO has a goal, and it's is usually conversions. The most basic definition of conversion is getting users to do what you encourage them—this could include hiring your firm, reading your legal blog, or subscribing to your legal newsletter.

Asking visitors to do something is the simplest way to encourage a certain action. This is what Calls To Action (CTAs) are, which are either done in text or images that prompt a user to do something.

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Examples of CTAs could be:

  • Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer to claim car accident damages.

  • Contact us through our 24/7 legal chat.

  • Need to sue your boss? Contact our Attorneys.

Your word choice is important. So take the time to draft and write your CTAs before incorporating them into your homepage.

3. Include A Navigational Menu

A standard UX design feature used by many websites is giving access to multiple pages from the homepage. This allows new and returning users to explore your site easily.

A site menu usually does the trick. Add links to all your important landing pages, contact information, and essential site features (like online chatbots and case submission forms). These site menus often include your logo and CTAs and are present on almost every page.

Remember: Your site's user experience will benefit from a navigational menu SEO-wise. If users find it difficult to navigate, read, and use your site, they'll click off.

4. Choose The Right Font

Font styles come in different forms, and some of them are (admittedly) hard to understand. While it seems like it'd be an aesthetic choice, it can really affect how users interact with your website and content.

By virtue of being simpler to read, the correct fonts can make your website more accessible. There's also the issue of style, as typefaces can be used as a visual element.

Remember: Unless your website is an image gallery, users are there for the information they need. Choosing difficult-to-read fonts might turn them off.

Stick to basic, easy-to-read font styles and reserve the more unique ones for your logo. Your goal here is to make sure your important messages are relayed to the site visitor, not just the search engines.

5. Insert Good Images

Images can change your overall site aesthetic. They can catch attention and show a specific action.

The majority of homepages rely heavily on images. However, the photos you use should never be fillers. They should give your site visitors a sense of what you're law firm does and what you represent.

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Remember: One common SEO tip is to use your own images when you can. Original images tend to do better in the algorithm over stock photos, so try adding some from your personal files.

Also, optimize your images. Anyway, you can implement Lawyer SEO strategies that help your site traffic, and that includes optimizing file names, image positioning, alt texts, and captions.

Plan To Redesign Your Law Firm Website? LawyerLeadMachine Can Help!

Lawyer SEO requires you to cater to both the algorithm and your readers. While search engines might not care about your color scheme, site visitors will, and how they interact with your pages can affect your rankings.

We at LawyerLeadMachine know the high competition of law firms in the digital marketing world. Feel free to contact us whenever you are ready to schedule a consultation to get further information about the law firm web design services that we can offer.


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