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How To Make Images SEO Friendly

A Lawyer SEO Guide To Optimizing Images

If you've been reading up on Lawyer SEO, you know that every little bit of optimization counts. Everything from your content, site design, URL, and off-page presence can help boost your law firm's online presence and domain authority. And yes, you can optimize even the images you use to increase your chances of ranking high in the SERPs.

Here are a few tips to help you work on your Image SEO:

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1. Keyword Research

You might be associating keyword research with the text-heavy portions of your website, like blog posts, headlines, and titles. However, there's a lot of ways you need to use text in your images, all of which will be discussed throughout this list.

Remember: Keywords are the driving force. They get your images on the Image Search results, which can help you get found by potential clients.

2. Select the Correct Image Format

The loading speed of your page can be significantly affected by the type of image you wish to display on Google. The image size of a GIF can be larger than that of a PNG or JPEG. Images in PNG, JPEG, and WebP formats are perfect for Lawyer SEO.

Remember: If your website's slow to load, users won't have a great time exploring it. Making it run fast and smoothly ensures an excellent user experience.

WebP is the most popular format since it is optimized for the web and provides superior lossless and lossy compression. However, BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG, WebP, and SVG are all supported by Google.

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3. Customize Image File Name

Despite how far technological advancements have come, computers still have no way to perfectly determine and describe what's in an image. Thus, Google's site crawlers gather as much information as it needs to determine what an image is all about.

One of these factors that helps crawlers identify images is file names. So instead of leaving images with default and unreadable file names, change them into something relevant to the page you're uploading them to. If possible, you might also want to use some keywords.

Remember: Before you upload stock photos, make sure you rename the file names.

4. Customize Your Image URL Structure

The URL structure of the img src is also used by Google to comprehend the context of the image, just as the file name. So instead of leaving the URL unreadable and irrelevant, try customizing the URL so it's much shorter and provides context for your image.

5. Optimize Image ALT Text

ALT text (or Alternative Text) is an accessibility feature. It allows you to describe the image to people who might have visual impairments or use a screen reader to access your content.

Most crucially, Google reads the alt text to determine the image's content and context. The Alt attribute will also serve as the anchor text if you're linking your image to another page or website.

Therefore, you must optimize the alt text with the appropriate keywords and ensure that both people and search engines understand the image's context.

6. Caption, Title, And Description Should All Be Optimized

Google has confirmed that when it comes to comprehending the context of images, the information contained in the caption, title, and description is crucial. So, to get the most out of image SEO, make sure you fill in all of these fields.

Remember: The more information you are able to provide site crawlers, the better they'll be at identifying what your image is all about.

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7. Don't Over-Optimize

While implementing all of the aforementioned image optimization tactics, be careful not to overdo it by keyword stuffing. Google has been very explicit about lowering the ranks of websites that engage in such spammy behavior.

So, don't force keywords into alt texts, file names, and captions if they are irrelevant. There's plenty of opportunities to use your keywords.

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