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How Law FirmsRank In Google Image Search

Updated: Sep 14, 2022

6 Lawyer SEO Tips For To Rank On Image Search Results

Google Images finds relevant images based on file names, captions, and alt text. Crawlers rely on the information you provide because Google can't tell what's in the image. Despite the seemingly limited options to optimize images, Google still has comprehensive ranking factors that dictate how high up the SERPs an image can be.

Here's a quick guide to Google Images rankings and image optimization for Lawyer SEO.

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1. Ensure Relevance

Images can rank for specific keywords based on what you input in the alt text, captions, and file name.

Remember: It also helps that the keywords you optimize your images for match the entire topic or theme of the page it is on.

Additionally, the file name of the images has a considerable impact on ranking. This is, however, one of the least optimized. Most websites use numbers to upload photographs, which gives Google no information about the image's context.

So, before you submit anything, make sure to change the file names. Even if you're utilizing stock photographs, you should rename the files before sharing them.

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2. Pay Attention To Proper Positioning

The position of the image is also crucial in determining whether it will appear in search results. Images positioned beneath the most vital elements of your blog have a decreased chance of ranking higher.

Remember: Make sure the photos you want to rank higher are at the top of the page, near the most important content.

3. Check The Authority Of Your Website

Not every website can claim to be an authority on all subjects. Over time, Google learns that a site excels at a single focused area. Backlinks, traffic, and constantly producing high-quality content are all ways to increase your site's authority.

The images that come with the content will not be ranked if the content isn't ranked first. As a result, image ranking is also tied to page quality.

4. Optimize For Mobile-Friendliness

Google has been promoting mobile-first indexing for quite some time.

Since we just talked about how page quality and optimization affect Image SEO, having a mobile-friendly website also boosts your image optimization.

5. Ensure High Image Quality

In the past, some of the images that ranked better on Google image search were pixelated. As a result, Google's Image Search algorithm has been tweaked to ensure that only high-quality images appear on the search results page.

So, make sure your images are the appropriate file size.

Remember: Images can make your pages look more complete and striking. However, uploading pixelated or stretched images is going to have the opposite effect.

6. Avoid Using Heavy Images

Because they give a terrible user experience, images that take a long time to load tend to rank lower on Google. In addition, due to its size, a large image can cause a website to load slowly.

Even though Google uses a snapshot to display images on the search results page. They still won't want users to be redirected to a page that loads at a sluggish pace. Again, Google Images also factor in the page where the image is, so the page itself might affect how an image ranks.

Remember: A high-quality image doesn't have to be enormous in file size.

To optimize heavy images, you can compress them using image tools.

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Since Google can't accurately identify what's on an image by itself, you need to supply all that information through various optimizations.

More importantly, remember that Image SEO is closely tied with your overall Lawyer On-Page Optimization. No matter how high-quality, relevant, and well-optimized your images are, Google still won't rank it too high if it's posted on a low-quality website.

So, make sure you're working on other Lawyer SEO practices alongside Image Search SEO.

LawyerLeadMachine Helps Optimize Your Images For Google Image Ranking

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