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5 Vital Google My Business Ranking Factors in 2022

Updated: Jun 24, 2022

Learn the 5 Best Google My Business (GMB) Optimization & Strategy Your Law Firm Website Should Implement

Google My Business is one of the most efficient Local SEO tools for law firms. Your firm can compete for clients who need immediate legal assistance rather than competing for the few top spots on Google's main search page.

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How Google My Business Can Help Law Firms Increase Their Outreach

Google My Business (previously Google Local and Google Places) allows your law firm to appear in the local listings. Because the information you input in your listing can show up in various places on Google search (i.e., knowledge panel, the local pack, and maps), it's a platform that any local business should be familiar with.

Listing your legal practice allows Google to promote your firm to nearby users. For example, a marker for your firm (and others nearby) will appear on Google Maps if a user searches for lawyers near them.

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The benefits of Google My Business for law firms include attracting new clients, increasing overall exposure, and ensuring that customers can locate information as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Remember: Local searches aren't just about finding new places to get what they want. Directions, contact information, office locations, ratings, and other business information are regularly searched for.

Why Local SEO For Your Law Firm?

Say your law firm practices in California. Then, it may be more successful to market your services to a Californian audience.

While it's great if someone from another state knows about you, regulations vary by state, and your content may not meet their specific needs. You are more likely to satisfy a user who lives in the same region, especially regarding legal services.

Google My Business focuses on establishments and businesses close to the searcher's location. Instead of optimizing for the highly competitive search terms, you'll be looking to attract people within your locale.

These users are more likely to hire you and might have a more urgent need for legal assistance. So make sure your Lawyer SEO is adjusted accordingly.

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What Are The Ranking Factors For Google My Business (GMB)?

1. Proximity To The Searcher

To show up in a Google My Business listing for someone's search query, you need to be close to the location that someone is looking for. So, other than inputting your office location, you might also want to incorporate Local SEO keywords.

Remember: One important aspect of Local SEO is telling Google where you are.

2. Category

Make sure you input the proper business category into your listing. Google tends to group similar establishments, businesses, and service providers in their listings.

So make sure to input the correct category to show up alongside other law firms in the searches.

3. Keywords

While there are limited opportunities to incorporate keywords into your actual business information, you can still use keywords for your FAQs.

Additionally, when users click on your listings, related search results like your web pages and social media accounts can show up, so make sure to implement Local SEO into your on-page ventures as well.

4. Reviews

Although they aren't the most important ranking factor, they still play a significant role in Lawyer SEO and client trust.

Of course, it's a given that you want good reviews. However, it's sometimes difficult to get those reviews in the first place. After all, clients don't really have an incentive to leave them.

You can ask your clients for feedback at the end of processing their legal concerns. Then, ask them to leave you Google My Business reviews.

Reviews are also a form of social proof. They prove that a.) your firm is legitimate, b.) you have clients to prove it, and; c.) your clients are satisfied with your services.

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5. Backlinks

As mentioned, Google gives high priority to websites with high domain authority. Your domain is linked to your Google My Business account, and Google's algorithm knows to associate that listing with your website.

Remember: The more reputable your website is, the higher your get pushed in the search results.

One way to get good backlinks is to create content that can be cited by writers and publications alike. If getting citations and links by continuously creating high-quality content isn't enough, you may also opt for guest blogging as another great strategy.

Getting high-quality backlinks can be challenging, but it does boost your overall Lawyer SEO efforts.

Let LawyerLeadMachine Help You Manage You Law Firm GMB Listing

Lawyer SEO uses on-page and off-page strategies that help you attract traffic and conversions. Google My Business is a great way to target nearby clients and boost local visibility.

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