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9 Local SEO Tips For Law Firms In Texas

Updated: Jul 4, 2022

Law Firm Marketing Tips And Tricks For Texas Law Firms

Most of your clients will come from the state you are licensed in. After all, the people who are based in Pennsylvania aren't likely going to need lawyers in Texas. So, you need to focus on the local userbases who have the proximity and the most interest in working with you.

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1. Make Localized Keyword Research Your Priority

Local SEO should start with solid keyword research, like any other effective Lawyer SEO approach. However, you must consider keywords while keeping your location in mind for local SEO. What exactly would they look for? What would you enter into a search engine to find a similar service in another city?

2. Implement Localized Meta Tag Optimization

One of the finest places to use the results of your keyword research to boost Law Firm SEO in Texas is your meta tags. Search engines like Google use meta description data to discover more about the subject matter of the pages on your website. So, for each law firm website page, use those keywords as naturally as you can in the title tags and meta descriptions. This will make it simpler for local searchers to find your page and enable them to quickly verify that it contains the data they require.

3. Make Location-Based Web Pages

Utilizing your keywords, add some location-specific pages to your website. For instance, if you are a law firm in Texas, add pages for each town you serve in addition to your main law firm website. You can also focus on county, neighborhood, and district names in addition to city names.

Remember: Ensure that the content of each new page also contains your location-specific keywords. This will raise the likelihood that Google will list it on page one.

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4. Optimize Your Law Firm's URLs

Make sure to optimize the URLs when creating those new location-specific pages. Although URLs are frequently disregarded in Texas Lawyer SEO, they significantly impact how well your page performs in search engine results.

Another way to communicate with a search engine about a page's content and potential audience is through its URL. As a result, you have a better chance of being on the top page, which helps the search engine return more accurate results to the user.

5. Optimize Your Law Firm Website For Mobile Users

Make sure your website is mobile-friendly because mobile devices are where most local searches are conducted. Therefore, you risk losing potential clients to your competitors if you do not make your website user-friendly on mobile devices.

6. Strategically Create Local Legal Content

Give your content a local focus while writing for your blog or social media accounts. For example, you could write about local cases, Texas state policies, high-profile cases from your state, and so on.

The best way to publish localized content is through legal blogging. It's accessible and relatively easy to implement for law firms of all sizes.

7. Optimize The Speed of Your Law Firm Website

The era of dial-up and excruciatingly sluggish download speeds is long gone. Instead, customers anticipate a relatively quick online experience. The same should apply to your website. A website's bounce rate is significantly higher when it loads slowly and awkwardly, especially on mobile devices.

Therefore, slow-loading pages might be a gift to your rivals. Therefore, keep an eye on your page load times and take every precaution to make them as quickly as possible.

8. Manage Your Law Firm Reviews

Online reviews are an essential factor in a potential client's decision to choose your business. Make sure you have a solid strategy to stay on top of internet reviews. To boost your internet rating, start by asking for favorable feedback from your consumers.

If someone does give you a less-than-positive review, make sure you respond to it in public. When potential consumers see that you care enough to fix the problem, they are more likely to overlook a negative review.

Google will collect information from your law firm Google My Business page for text and voice searches. Therefore, if someone types "Where is the closest coffee shop" into their Google gadget, your information will only appear if your Google My Business page is complete.

So spend time filling out the form and keeping it up to date. It only takes a few minutes, but it can significantly affect how much traffic you get on your website.

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