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7 Local SEO Tips To Optimize Your Law Firm's Website

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

Quick And Easy SEO And Marketing Tips To Boost Local Visibility

Most of your legal firm's clients are likely to come from the area where your office is located. While it's nice that everyone knows about your company, users from all across the country aren't likely to become clients anytime soon.

That said, here's a list of easy tips on Local SEO for law firms:

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1. Put Your NAPs Everywhere

Display your law firm's NAPs (Name, Address, and Phone Number) prominently, ideally across multiple pages. Then, if a potential local customer finds your website through the SERPs, they should be able to see your legal firm's contact information right away.

Remember: Crawlers can also determine your location by using location-based local keywords like "California Employment Lawyer" or "Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorney." So don't forget to use location-based keywords, too!

2. Social Media Marketing

You can utilize social media marketing to connect with a local group of individuals that share similar interests.

Not to mention, social media can help you promote your content and reach people you usually wouldn't through the SERPs.

Consider your social media activities as a tool to connect with local clients (or potential clients). You can, for example, discuss local litigation, legal news in your state, and changes to your city's rules.

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3. Locally-Targeted Ads

If you're going to spend some marketing budget on ads, make sure they're getting seen by the right people. Locally focused ads are a cost-effective way to manage your advertising budget.

After all, advertising your law practice to people in other states is less impertinent compared to locals. People who live within the state you're licensed to practice in are more likely to be clients.

4. Create a Google My Business Listing

In terms of Local SEO, Google My Business profiles are quite important. Make getting one a priority if you don't already have one. In fact, every type of business or firm you know probably has a GMB listing.

You first need to claim your business listing on the Google My Business (GMB) platform and then fill out all of the essential information. You can also make your legal firm visible on Google Maps, which is highly recommended.

5. Regularly Check And Update Your Information

Check each platform, website, or directory that features your law firm and update any information the needs to be, such as:

  • Phone number

  • Email address

  • Office address

  • Opening/Closing hours

  • Lawyers/bios

Your NAPs must be consistent across your entire web presence. This is so that people may contact you no matter how they learned about you—whether it was through your website, social media, or local directories.

Remember: You don't want people to get confused. If you change your contact number, make sure you replace every mention of it on your online presence.

6. Design A Mobile-Friendly Website

Your website should have a mobile-friendly design, sometimes known as a "responsive" design.

Remember: More and more people are browsing the internet through their phones. In some cases, they'll even use voice search to conduct searches without typing anything.

Additionally, not everything that works on a desktop works on a smaller screen (like your phone!). You can run into problems with the text, images, themes, and layouts if you don't have a properly-optimize mobile version of your website.

Google and other search engines favor mobile-friendly sites, so making sure your site looks well on mobile devices is crucial for Local SEO.

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7. Get More Reviews

People can now acquire a list of law companies by doing a simple Google search for "California Lawyer Near Me" or "Personal Injury Attorney New York."

People will be able to check Google Reviews when they search through these listings. People are more inclined to click on your listings if they have good ratings.

Remember: Reviews are a huge part of eCommerce and digital marketing. They're a form of social proof, which can attest to your law firm's legitimacy and skill.

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