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Local Services Ads VS Google Ads PPC for Lawyers

Which One Should You Use To Generate Attorney Leads?

There are several ways to implement Lawyer Lead Generation. You could do it through Lawyer SEO, social media marketing, lawyer backlinks, and paid ads.

One of the most popular paid ads is PPC or pay-per-click. However, this doesn't mean there might not be others your law firm should consider. Let's discuss Local Services Ads (LSAs), how they're different from PPCs, and how they might be an excellent option for your Lawyer Lead Generation strategy.

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How Is Pay-Per-Click advertising for attorneys Used?

Google Ads or Google AdWords for law firms is often used as a marketing strategy that boosts exposure and lead generation. It is essentially paid advertising for law firms, where you'll be able to post ads on particular SERPs and keywords. You only need to pay each time someone clicks on your ad. This is a great way to generate attorney leads regardless of your law firm's size or ranking.

Done right, PPC advertising for law firms can bring in quality traffic and help you find new clients. Law firm pay-per-click strategies have been implemented by law firms of all sizes and niches, so it's been a popular tool for some time.

How Are Local Services Ads Different?

In contrast to traditional text advertising or search campaigns, Local Services Ads can only appear in a specific geographic market and generate impressions depending on the advertiser's chosen service categories.

Additionally, you choose an average weekly spending limit, and you are charged a fixed amount for each phone contact that results from these listings. These rates vary by service category and geographic area. You may detect any issues with the call's content in your Local Services Ads dashboard.

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You may register for a Local Services Ads account in the legal services category for law firms. Then, you may then specify a zip code inside that market to limit the areas where your adverts can appear.

Google would then only display your advertisements to users in the zip codes you designate who conduct local moving company-related searches. In addition, you would be charged a flat cost set by Google if a user initiated a phone call from your ad and the call's contents met Google's criteria for a lead.

What Are The Benefits Of Google's Local Advertising Services?

So, now that you know how LSAs differ from PPC for law firms, you now might want to know how it works and helps generating attorney leads. Among Google's paid advertising options, Local Services Ads have a few notable advantages:

1. You Only Pay for Each Lead

Most Google ads are shown to consumers at a cost per impression, and advertisers are charged when people click on the ad (cost per click). So, naturally, neither of these choices indicates that the user is prepared to move on to the next stage of the transaction process.

Additionally, both pricing structures encourage "gaming" that is detrimental to the advertiser. Competitors operating dishonestly may repeatedly click PPC ads (usually with bots), and the spam clicks might start draining your advertising budget.

You have more budgetary control and a higher return on investment using LSAs for your advertising. For calls that continue longer than 30 seconds, Google will charge you. Calls and texts that are not leads, on the other hand, can be disputed.

2. Accurate Targeting

LSAs are intended to direct users to nearby establishments, as the name suggests. When setting up a Local Services Ad campaign, you choose the zip codes and/or cities you want to target. Only the locations you designate will receive your ads, reducing waste and guaranteeing that the correct people see your adverts.

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3. Leads of Higher Quality

You've probably noticed that customers that call your company tend to be more knowledgeable, interested, and inclined to make a purchase. This is nearly guaranteed when using Local Services Ads because a lot of the data that might convince a customer to convert is on the LSA itself.

4. Positioning Higher in Google Search Results

Pay-per-click advertisements have been crucial for dominating the area of Google SERPs that shows above the fold for a long time. While this is still true, Local Services Ads allow eligible businesses to stand out even more (even above PPC ads).

For supported queries, Google will show up to three Local Services Ads. Obviously, appearing in this cutting-edge three-pack is the key to maximizing leads from LSAs.

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