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6 Twitter Content Ideas For Lawyers

Updated: Jul 8, 2022

Check Out These Fun And Easy Content Tips To Boost Law Firm Marketing On Twitter

Other than its promotional benefits, you can use Twitter as a content marketing tool. If you already figured out how to use the platform to track your stats and leverage trending hashtags, you might need some ideas on what you should Tweet.

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Why Use Twitter?

Like other social media platforms, you can promote your content through Twitter. One of the main promotional benefits of doing so is getting to reach an audience who otherwise would not have found you in the search results.

If you manage to build an audience on your Twitter page, you increase the chances of users clicking on links to your domain.

Lawyer SEO isn't just about what you do to optimize your domain. Optimizing your law firm's off-page presence can redirect traffic back to your site.

Can Content Marketing Work On Twitter?

By its basic definition, content marketing is coming out with valuable content that attracts an audience. So instead of directly "selling" or advertising your practice, you offer users content that's valuable to them as a way to build audience trust and industry authority.

This means that content marketing strategies can be applied to all content you create for that purpose.

Remember: Make sure to leave links to your landing pages whenever you come out with content from other domains and platforms.

Content that attracts an audience can potentially drive traffic to your domain. Hence, wherever you choose to publish them, it can benefit your Lawyer SEO and content marketing efforts in the long run.

What Can You Post About On Twitter?

With the sheer size of its userbase, you'll find different types of content posted on Twitter. You can use a few of them to attract and build an audience for your law firm's account.

1. Post Legal News

Anything you post on Twitter can get shared around fast, so it's not surprising that it's where people prefer to read the latest news. So if you're having trouble deciding what to post for your law firm's Twitter account, you can Tweet about news stories related to the law.

Whether it's a quote or a summary of recent legislation changes, challenges, and high-profile court cases, you can attract an audience by simply being quick to report on the news.

Remember: Make sure to credit the right people when you quote or link to news stories from other publications or domains.

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You can also Retweet from other accounts. For example, the White House has a verified account that posts updates multiple times a day.

Just make sure your page isn't dominated by Retweets, though. You'll want to attract users to your content, not other accounts. So use the Retweet button only when it's necessary.

2. Twitter Polls

Twitter polls are easy to make and very interactive. For example, you can ask users their opinion on some legal topics or use the poll like a fun quiz to discuss legal trivia.

You can also use them as a way to gauge your follower demographic. You can ask them yes or no questions like:

  • Have you hired a lawyer before?

  • Did you know that you can sue your boss for discrimination?

  • Have you had problems with a car insurance company?

With enough responses, it might even give you an idea for your next blog post topic.

3. Ask Questions

Other than polls, you can simply ask users their opinion on certain topics. You can also caption links and photos with questions, encouraging users to think it over and respond.

In short, asking questions can encourage engagement. A lot of Twitter-savvy users like to share their opinion on any given topic, so prompting them to do so can inspire user interaction.

4. Link Your Blog Posts

A lot of publications use Twitter to promote each new article or blog they post. While it's not content strictly made for Twitter, some users follow these accounts to be updated when new blog content comes out.

When you link a blog post on Twitter, a preview shows up. Twitter search can detect the blog titles through this preview. So if users are doing a search on Twitter, they can potentially find your post even when you don't type in the blog title in your Tweet.

As mentioned earlier, some people get their news on Twitter. So it's not unlikely for them to filter public Tweets using keywords related to the topics they want to know about.

5. Post Infographics

Images do well on Twitter, so it's an excellent opportunity to post your infographics. Not only do infographics help summarize legal discussions through visual representation, but they can also pack in a lot of information in comparison to your 280-character limit on Twitter.

Infographics are easy to share, so it is also a great content marketing strategy in general.

Make sure there are watermarks and links within your infographics. If someone is using or profiting off of them without your permission, Twitter allows DMCA copyright complaints for stolen media.

6. Use Popular Hash Tags

Popular hashtags are a great way for you to join trending topic discussions on Twitter. When certain hashtags trend, this means more people are searching and posting about them. When you see an opportunity to use one, make sure it's alongside valuable content that attracts audiences and interactions.

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Hashtags also function as a way to sort Tweets. When you click on a hashtag, Twitter takes you to the explore page and lists tweets using the same hashtag. So even if you're not using popular ones, you can make hashtags exclusive to your account and content for easy access.

For Example:

If you're posting different types of content on Twitter, you can denote each one with a hashtag for easy sorting.

Do You Need Help With Social Media Content? LawyerLeadMachine Can Help!

Blogs, infographics, and well-timed Tweets are all great ways to boost your social media content. Paired alongside a well-optimized website and smart use of domain links, you can maximize your Twitter Marketing Strategy.

LawyerLeadMachine can help you with a consistent lawyer blog and social media content. If you want to work with us and to know our personalized content marketing strategy for your law firms, book a call with us or you can review your options here.


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