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5 Tips To Use Twitter As A Marketing Tool in 2022

Updated: Jun 30, 2022

A Guide On How To Maximize Your Law Firm's Twitter Marketing Strategy This 2022

If you've been using social media as a way to boost your Lawyer SEO strategy, you might already have a Twitter account. However, there's more to Twitter Marketing than personalizing your bio, uploading great photos, and posting Tweets. Here are a few ideas to help you use Twitter's marketing capacity to its fullest extent.

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1. Find Out How Individual Tweets Are Doing

While it's not a complex graph of how a specific Tweet is performing, it can give you an idea of which of your Tweets are performing well (and which aren't).

You can do as follows:

  1. Go to your timeline or profile

  2. Select a tweet

  3. Click "View Tweet Activity"

From there, you can see a.) the total number of times people saw the specific Tweet (impressions), and; b.) the total number of times people interacted with it (total engagements).

If you click on "View All Engagements", you might also set "Profile Clicks" and "Media Engagements" for videos and photos.

You can then do this to all of your Tweets and compile data on which are doing better than others. That way, you get to adjust and change what's not working and do more of what is.

2. You Can Write Something That's Over 280 Characters

When using social media for content marketing, the same rules for posting only high-quality content apply. You don't want your Law Firm's Twitter account to post exclusively promotional content, so you still have to come out with something helpful or valuable to your followers.

However, Twitter is known for its brevity, and posting an entire legal guide might not be the best thing to do. You can work around this by converting your blog posts into infographics so that you can map out brief information through visual representation.

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Another way to post long content is to make "Threads", which are essentially multiple Tweets strung together. When you reply to your Tweet, Twitter groups all of your succeeding replies into a long thread. Even when other users reply to your first Tweet, Twitter will prioritize the original poster's replies, so it doesn't break your thread.

Threads are a perfectly common practice on Twitter and are a great workaround for the 280-character limit.

3. Link Your Blog Posts On Twitter

One of the reasons social media boosts your Lawyer SEO is using it to promote content from your website. While you've been advised against posting strictly for promotional purposes, the occasional nod to otherwise high-quality content isn't bad.

Some publications only ever post links to their articles, and it still doesn't come off as overly promotional. You're still giving your followers high-quality content, after all. Twitter's app and site design also make it easy to view external links without taking them out of the app.

You can encourage your audience to express their thoughts and opinions under the replies to foster engagement. It also makes your content easier for people to share around. Additionally, some Twitter users tend to Quote Retweet links to articles and posts and share their thoughts on their own timelines.

4. Find Out The Best Times To Post

When you go to your timeline, you'll notice that the most recent Tweets and interactions tend to appear at the top. The longer it's been since the Tweet or Retweet was posted, the further down it is on your timeline.

This is why it's important to gauge how your audience interact with your timeline. If you can't make these observations manually, you can always find online tools and apps to help you sort through the data you need.

When you're figuring out the best time to post on your own, find your best-performing Tweets, compare them to others that didn't do so well, and find patterns on the days and times you post them.

For Example:

If you notice that more people are seeing or interacting with your Tweets on a specific day of the week or a particular time of day, try planning your future posting schedule around that.

5. Follow Trending Topics And Popular Hashtags

Because of how short individual Tweets are, it's easier to sort and find them by using Twitter's search bar.

For Example:

A Twitter user who wants to read what people are saying about "Legal Actions", can easily do a quick search and have instant access to all public Tweets that mention them.

This works the same way for hashtags.

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So if a hashtag, a phrase, or a keyword is trending, you increase the chances of people finding your account by mentioning them in a Tweet.

Even if they aren't trending in real-time, you can still benefit from the possible traffic.

For Example:

If you see enough recent Tweets on a specific topic, it's likely that users are still talking and looking for other people to tweet about it.

So use those as a reference whenever you make content, caption an image, or compose a new Tweet.

Let LawyerLeadMachine Help Grow Your Business With Twitter Marketing

Twitter is one of the well known well-known social network sites that people use to inform the public about their life, but it is also an excellent platform for businesses to engage with their present and potential customers. When you adhere to good Lawyer SEO practices, you can maximize the potential of any platform.

If you need a little help, LawyerLeadMachine's Twitter Marketing and management services allow you to leap towards the front of the line, ensuring that your voice is heard and that you can simply engage and re-engage followers and non-followers. Review your options here.

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