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What Makes A Good Landing Page?

11 Tips On Designing A Great Landing Page For Lawyer SEO

While you're employing every Lawyer SEO strategy on the book to get people on your website, landing pages are where most conversions happen. Unlike legal blogs, landing pages are where you get to openly ask site visitors to perform a particular action, like subscribing to your email lists, sending in requests, or inquiring about your law firm.

However, landing pages should also be optimized for maximum effectiveness. Here's a list of tips to help you create the best landing pages for your law firm's website:

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1. Maintain A Simple Navigation System

Keep the navigation on your landing page as simple (but smooth) as possible, with the most critical content "above the fold," or content that is instantly visible on the screen before scrolling down.

Remember: Remove any irrelevant content, photos, or links from the offer. Anything that distracts from your CTAs and forms detracts from the goal of your landing pages: conversion.

2. Optimize Your Typography

Font type and size, white space between individual characters or letters, and tracking and spacing are all components of typography.

If your typography isn't well designed or planned out, people might not even be able to read the page's content.

3. Optimize Your Copy

Using clear, concise language, communicate the value of the offer clearly. List the particular benefits a person will receive from downloading your pdf files or signing up for your email lists.

Remember: People need to have an incentive to follow your CTA.

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4. Make a Copy That Can Be Scanned

Most online users scan website content, so use bullet points and lists to break up large sections of text and change the font size to distinguish between your page's more and less significant elements.

5. Make Your Landing Page SEO-Friendly

Optimizing your landing page for Lawyer SEO may increase the chances of it being found by search engines (the acronym stands for Search Engine Optimization).

Use relevant keywords in the website's URL (web address), headlines, and all of the text that's on your page. Remember to optimize keywords wisely and not force and stuff them.

6. Include Images

Images add aesthetic appeal to your landing page. It's tempting to utilize stock photos, but uploading your own photos (i.e., photos of you, your colleagues, your office, etc.) can make your landing pages more attractive.

7. Show Off Your Awards And Recognition

Display trust signals such as honors and accolades, as well as any other credentials your website or law firm may have. You can also include your work history, credentials, most notable verdicts, etc.

8. Include Your Contact Details

Increase trust by prominently showing your law firm's name and contact information, as well as a Google map of your location (to help Google find it more easily) and links and social buttons to your social media accounts.

Remember: Make sure your NAPs (name, address, and phone number) are consistent throughout your online presence. What's on your website should be the same as what's on your social media, Google My Business Listing, emails, etc.

9. Include Social Share Buttons

While social shares aren't necessarily a direct ranking factor, making your posts easier to share around helps promote them. The easier it is for people to share your pages, the faster it'll go around social media and get more traffic.

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10. Optimize Your Capture Forms

The lead capture or opt-in form (the form where visitors enter their information in exchange for the offer) is the most important aspect of your landing page. This is where people input their contact information and other concerns.

Make sure they're efficient, free of bugs, and user-friendly. You don't want people to struggle with it in any way.

11. Your Landing Page Should Be A/B Tested

A/B testing is a method of comparing two variations of a single variable, usually by comparing a subject's response to variant A versus variant B and determining which is more effective.

Remember: Fine-tune each element before settling on one and get the desired conversion rate.

How Experts At LawyerLeadMachine Helps Law Firms

When done right, Lawyer SEO can boost traffic, increase conversions, and expand your clientele. Applying SEO-friendly tips can help you drastically improve your landing pages.

To get your Law Firm SEO strategy started, review your options here.


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