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Can Podcasts Benefit Your Law Firm?

Content Marketing Benefits Of Podcasting For Lawyers And Law Firms

Content marketing for attorneys is an excellent lead-generating strategy. Instead of posting ads about your law firm, you're creating high-quality content valuable to your target audience. Since many people are actively looking for this legal content, law firm content marketing draws in quality leads that are more likely to become your clients.

That said, law firm content marketing strategies can be applied to all forms of content—including legal blogs, social media posts, video content, and podcasts.

That said, each type of content has varying benefits and optimizations. Hence, law firm marketers tend to publish or post different types of content to generate leads. So, how are podcasts uniquely beneficial, and how are they used for law firm marketing?

Podcasting for law firms

What Are The Pros Of Podcasting For Law Firms?

Podcasts continue to grow as a popular form of media. In 2021, 39% of US adults reported listening to podcasts monthly. Not to mention, professional podcasters have been seeing an increase in their income as more ads come in.

Podcasting is another opportunity to generate leads for your law firm. With its popularity on the rise, it's an opportunity to get traffic and exposure.

Important Note On Starting A Podcast For Lawyers

Like other forms of content marketing for lawyers, you can't just record, post, and expect your attorney podcast to do well. You still need to figure out the platform, content strategy, and optimizations to get maximum ROI from your law firm podcast.

Remember: You need to put in some work to see significant benefits to your law firm marketing efforts.

law firm content marketing

6 Beginners' Tips On Starting A Lead Generating Legal Podcast

So, there are a lot of things that go into your law firm podcast strategy. Here are a few you need to remember when starting out:

1. Plan Your Show

Before you get to recording, you need to flesh out the ins and outs of your production process. Ask yourself important questions like:

  • Where will the law firm podcast be uploaded?

  • When are you uploading them?

  • How long will each episode be?

  • When are you recording them?

  • Who will edit them?

  • What are the topics you should be discussing?

There's a lot you need to figure out before getting that microphone. Law firm podcasts are like shows, so you must know how to plan, implement, and sustain them.

2. Look Into The Platform

Where will you upload or host your podcast? Should it be on iTunes? Are you considering other platforms like Spotify? Do you want to film it and put it on YouTube?

Where you upload your podcast depends on the traffic, your target audience, and your law firm marketing goals. Some platforms might be much easier for you to use and get ROI than others. Not to mention, you must follow the Terms and Conditions of whatever platform you choose.

3. Learn The Technology

Figure out the technical side of podcasting, like equipment, recording programs, mixing, and editing. These are crucial aspects to the medium of podcasting for lawyers and law firms, so you need to know your way around them.

That said, if you're not ready or don't have enough time to learn all this, you can always hire editors and technical crews to help you.

4. Study Your Target Audience

The point of content marketing for attorneys is getting people to consume your content. Hence, you want to ensure your episodes attract the right people. If your content isn't high-quality or doesn't fulfill your target audience's needs, then it won't be as effective of a lead generation strategy.

5. Study Trends, Keywords, And Optimizations

Much like Lawyer SEO, you want your podcasts to be seen by the people you want to attract. This means using the right keywords, inputting the correct metadata, and optimizing your chances of showing up in people's search results.

6. Assess Your Legal Podcast's Performance

Auditing your performance is a standard law firm marketing procedure. However, since there are so many ways to optimize your content, sometimes you don't always know if you're doing it the best way possible.

In reality, some episodes might not do well for a few reasons. It could be the content, the topic, or the keywords you're using. Auditing is a way to catch these weaknesses and prompt you to do something to improve them so your future episodes fair a little better.

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