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How To Get More Reviews For Your Law Firm

7 Ways To Get More Law Firm Reviews

Reviews are becoming increasingly significant for Lawyer SEO. They can show how much your previous clients vouch for your law firm, similar to how people ask their friends and family to refer them to a good lawyer.

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Obtaining reviews is now a routine procedure. You want clients to tell you how they feel about your services, and you want other potential clients to see who they think of you as well.

For small law firms looking to build their credibility, reviews are also great social proof. Reviews are a way for people to know that your law firm exists, your lawyers are skilled, and can deliver on their services.

Here's a list of tips that can get you more reviews than you're currently getting.

1. Incorporate Them Into Your Email Marketing Campaign

An email campaign is a great tactic to ask people to leave reviews. You can include a button or a CTA somewhere in the email, prompting clients to take action without being overly insistent on it.

Remember: It would be great if you can also provide value to your subscribers. For example, you can send them an exclusive article or an update about your blog and just smoothly incorporate the "review" button somewhere in the email.

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2. Make use of Calls to Action (CTAs)

CTAs are beneficial to Lawyer SEO in general. They're simple, enticing messages that persuade users to do a specific action. For example, you can utilize CTAs to entice users to sign up for email newsletters or submit their information for a free case review.

In your emails, follow-ups, and landing pages, and social media posts, provide concise CTAs. You can also use them in website pop-ups and hyperlinked images.

3. Post On Social Media

If you've created a social media following, especially one that includes some of your previous clients, then it is a terrific opportunity to ask them to do so.

In addition, people may have time to post a review if they are already taking time to peruse through social media.

4. Use Third-Party Sites

As much as you want reviews and testimonies on your site, some clients feel more comfortable posting them on unaffiliated review sites. So instead of limiting your review options, encourage them to post on Google Reviews and Yelp.

Besides, having great reviews on your Google My Business listing is actually better for your Lawyer SEO. Some review sites will even assist you in gathering reviews by rewarding clients. This is an excellent alternative for small law firms with time or money constraints.

5. Send Follow-Up Emails

One of the main reasons why you want previous clients subscribed to your email lists is to extend your communications with them even after you're done working with them. So, if you have a few email subscribers who happen to be previous clients of your firm, don't hesitate to send them follow-up emails.

Remember: You don't want to be pushy or pester them too much, so add some value to your follow-up email. For example, send links to your new blog or provide them with new information, then just circle back to your CTAs and ask them to drop a review.

6. Make It Easy For Clients To Review You

The easier it is to leave reviews, the more reviews you will receive. Rather than directing users to numerous pages, try to lead them immediately to the review forms.

Here are a few things you can do to speed up the process:

  • Send them links

  • Add buttons with CTAs

  • Use review tools to save time

  • Send them forms that automatically input their reviews

In general, the less time it takes, the more reviews you'll receive.

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7. Incentivize Your Reviews

Reviews are tricky to generate because they're usually left to the client's disposal. After all, they have to decide to dedicate some time into filling it out, and sometimes people think it just isn't worth it.

So, make it worth their time. Use a landing page with a review form, and offer them an exclusive newsletter or article after submitting their reviews. You can give them access to posts and guides in exchange for their time.

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