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How To Get Organic Traffic For Your Law Firm

Updated: Oct 10, 2022

5 Ways To Boost Organic Traffic On Your Website

You optimize, audit, and strategize for organic traffic. This is the desired goal for anyone who implements Lawyer SEO as part of their digital marketing campaign. While using other platforms like social media helps promote your law firm, ranking high in the SERPs reaps long-term and sustainable ROI.

This post will list ways to get organic traffic and how that helps your Law Firm Marketing efforts.

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Organic traffic comes from people who find your website through search results. In other words, it doesn't come from promotional links, social media, or email newsletters.

Remember: People who search through SERPs are the people most likely to need something from you. This is because people who look up things on Google and other search engines have a problem, either from wanting their questions answered or finding solutions to their current dilemma.

This means most people typing keywords you optimize for (i.e., Personal Injury, Law Firm, Attorney, Laws, etc.) are probably already interested in what you can offer. What you need to do now is to a.) make sure you can give them what they need, and b.) you rank high, so they find you in the SERPs.

That said, boosting and creating organic traffic is critical as it correlates to conversions. So all you have to do now is update your website to increase organic traffic.

Here are a few pointers to remember:

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1. Provide Great User Experience (UX)

Improving organic traffic begins with the appearance and performance of your website. Websites that deliver an excellent user experience are rewarded by search engines.

Remember: Search engines can infer how users experience your website.

Visitors are less likely to interact further if your website loads slowly and has a cluttered UI. Additionally, if users leave or bounce seconds after clicking to your site, it's also a bad sign.

Search engines, especially Google, may give you a lower ranking if more users leave your website than stay.

Given this, you might as well start by creating an appealing user interface. For example, you might begin by removing heavy files and compressing high-quality photos to reduce loading time. You should also make sure your texts are readable, and your color scheme isn't distracting.

2. Update Your Keyword List

As per basic Lawyer SEO advice, you'll need to create a list of high-value keywords you want to rank for. However, top keywords are determined by how often they are used by users, so it's possible that their popularity might start to fall off (especially when you use seasonal or trend-based keywords).

Given how frequently Google updates its ranking algorithm, you'll need to do a Lawyer SEO audit for each new update. This will ensure that your website is displayed at all times.

3. Optimize Each Blog Post

The most essential driver of organic traffic is still blogging. So make sure to publish legal blogs that are valuable and visible to your audience as you refresh your keyword list.

The most crucial thing for you to do now is to come up with topics that others will want to read. Take the effort to learn about the trends, concerns, and issues that your target market faces. Make a more significant effort to incorporate new and updated information. Don't write about an overused issue if you don't have anything new to say about it.

When creating your blogs, avoid specialized languages. If you're going to use niche legal terminology, be sure you define them first. Additionally, to make reading easier for visitors, use H-tags to separate your text into subsections.

4. Refresh Stale Content

You certainly already have a lot of material on your website, but how much of it produces organic traffic? Effective content management is essential for ensuring that each web page generates results.

Remember: Blogs and other assets may become obsolete over time. This will hurt your ranking because fewer people will find these posts helpful.

Here are a few ways you can refresh your older blogs and white pages:

  • Use a web crawler to create a list of blog pages that need to be updated.

  • Consider updating new data if you have a blog that discusses a topic that changes year after year.

  • Add new information to blog posts that are too short or thin.

  • Add CTAs to pages that aren't generating conversions.

While brainstorming for new content ideas, try refreshing some of your existing content. This buys you more time to come up with something new to post and probably help find some topics you haven't covered yet. It also allows you to boost the ability of your website to attract organic traffic.

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5. Pay Attention To Your Link Building Strategy

Increased organic traffic does not solely rely on keywords. You'll also need to develop both on-site and off-site high-value links. Here's a rundown of the links you need to look into:

  1. Internal Links: Make sure your content relates to other relevant pages on your website when you upload it. To assist users in navigating, utilize relevant anchor texts.

  2. External Links: You should develop external links that go to authoritative websites. This can help you improve your site's authority and provide more value to your visitors.

  3. Backlinks: Finally, consider posting guest posts to gain backlinks for your website. Seek out specialty websites where you can share your expertise. Aside from guest writer, you can also use networks like LinkedIn and Medium to produce blogs.

How Does LawyerLeadMachine Help Law Firms Increase Organic Traffic?

Lawyer SEO can improve traffic, conversions, and lead generation. With enough research, practice, and auditing, SEO is a viable Law Firm Marketing strategy that is both sustainable and cost-effective.

To get started on your SEO strategy, review your options here.


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