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How To Write Blogs For Employment Lawyers?

Updated: Sep 14, 2022

What Employment Law Topics Should Include On Your Law Firm Content Marketing?

Content marketing allows you to attract a specific type of audience through the type of content—in this case, blogs—you publish. Instead of marketing yourself as a generic law firm, you create high-quality guides, how-tos, and checklists to solidify yourself as an Employment Law Attorney. Paired with Lawyer SEO, legal blogging can be a great way to generate Employment Law Leads.

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When it comes to law firm content marketing, the best types of blog posts to publish are educational ones. The easiest to make are legal guides, where you only need to write what you know in a way that's digestible and engaging for non-lawyers.

Remember: Those looking for basic information about Employment Law are probably people who aren't that well-versed with the law. So avoid using specialized terminologies and legalese. The faster your users get what they need from your content, the better.

Of course, in order for your content to be found in the search results, you also have to optimize for Lawyer SEO. So do keyword research and select the appropriate keywords you want your blogs to show up for.

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1. Explain The Legal Process Of Labor Law Cases

When potential client understands that they might have grounds to file an Employment Law case, they'll want to know what it takes to go to court or go into settlement meetings. Provide detailed information on the procedure for every new Labor Law concern you introduce.

For Example:

You can also write separate blogs for the following examples:

  • Wrongful Termination

  • Whistleblower Discrimination

  • Specific Workplace Discrimination Cases

  • FMLA

  • Workers' Compensation

  • Others

As mentioned, your potential clients aren't attorneys, even if they have some knowledge of the law. They're counting on you to walk them through the legal process. As a result, write for non-experts in order to accommodate them.

2. Explain Damages And Settlements

If your potential clients are uninformed of the compensation or benefits they might claim for going through their Labor Law case, they may not move quickly.

Remember: Filing a lawsuit is a time-consuming and stressful procedure, so you should provide them with the incentives to go for it.

People perceive labor law claims to be risky, and that's mostly because they're going up against an employer or a group of co-workers, and that's an intimidating prospect. Your potential clients might also be unaware of the worker protections they have. Knowing they have something to gain at the end of it all might outweigh their initial hesitation.

3. Detail What Your Law Firm Will Do For Them

Clients want to know what you're capable of. Explain how lawyers can do their own investigations, the means your firm and lawyers have to expedite the case, and your ability to handle the emotional toll this will bring your clients.

In short, thoroughly describe how your skills and expertise can assist them throughout the process.

Remember: As a lawyer, you are the expert in Labor Law. However, most clients don't want to be kept in the dark about their cases. They are spending time and resources to work with you, so they won't sit back and not ask for updates and advice on everything that's going on. In some cases, clients might even want to contribute to the investigation.

4. List The Evidence They Need

When someone is considering filing a labor law claim, they're trying to assess their grounds to do so. So list all the viable evidence that can make their case successful. Chances are, they'll look at the evidence they have on them and realize they might have a chance.

This also makes it easier for you to work with them in the long run. If they've seen the evidence they can forward it, you might not have to ask them for it. They might even preemptively save emails, ask for employment records, and take photos to be given to you on the first appointment.

Remember: As said, getting a lawyer is expensive, and clients want to know if it's worth coming to you with what they have.\

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5. Explain Deadlines And The Statute Of Limitations

It's crucial that your potential clients understand that they have deadlines. Some people tend to dismiss or put off legal actions because they think they can deal with it at a later time (after all, they have evidence, right?). So let it be clear there comes a certain point where they can't proceed with it anymore.

Do You Need Help With Your Legal Blog?

Blogging is a simple, accessible, but effective content marketing strategy for Employment Attorneys. You only need high-quality, consistent, and optimized content to keep traffic and conversions coming.

If you need help with consistent and high-quality content, LawyerLeadMachine can assist your firm with your law firm content marketing needs. Review your Law Firm SEO options here.

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