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Law Firm Homepage: What To Include

8 Things To Put In Your Law Firm's Homepage

Your homepage is likely one of the most visited pages on your website. Even if people discover you through a blog post or another landing page, most interested site visitors proceed to your homepage to see what else you can offer. So getting your homepage right gets people to stick around more and boosts your Lawyer SEO.

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So, what should your law firm's homepage include?

1. Branding

When it comes to homepages, most websites emphasize branding. The most basic form of such is a logo.

A logo is your law firm's visual identity. When a potential client hears your law firm's name, a logo is often the first thing that comes to mind. A professional-looking logo may help you make an excellent first impression, stand out from the competitors, and stick in the minds of your prospects.

If you don't want to hire a graphic designer but are worried about what the logo will look like, don't fret. Most logos these days are elegant and minimal, so you can figure something out without advanced photo editing and artistic knowledge.

2. Explain What You Do

When prospective client visits your website, they need to know what you do and what problems you're going to solve for them right away. One way to do this is to make a catchy but concise slogan or tagline.

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Your tagline should be catchy, to-the-point, and incorporate a crucial value to set you apart from your competition. Highlight any issues your visitor may be having and how you plan to address them.

Are you a Personal Injury Lawyer? Do you only take cases on a contingency? Are you a law firm that's dedicated to defending women in family law disputes? Make sure these are adequately communicated right as a prospect visits your homepage.

Make your homepage about how your services will address the worries of your clients. Demonstrate that you understand what they're going through and why you're the best person to solve their problems. Explain how you'll aid them and what process you'll employ.

Rather than large blocks of text, information regarding your services should be split down into bitesize chunks. Your visitors may become confused or overwhelmed if you present too many facts, and they will be unable to take action.

3. Strong Calls to Action

The optimizations you do for Lawyer SEO isn't just to get people to click to your website; you want them to stay. You also want conversions by using CTAs to encourage them to perform specific actions.

When users visit your website, make it clear what you want them to accomplish. For example, would you like them to:

  • Contact us for more details

  • Subscribe to our Criminal Law newsletter

  • Set up an appointment

  • Avail of a free first consultation

  • Follow us on social media for updates

Show them where to go and how to get there.

4. Links to Important Sections of Your Website

Remember: Homepages should represent your law firm as a whole. This means that you should also show your prospects the most important pages to go to and the most crucial information to read.

Your visitors will frequently peruse your site in search of information. Don't bombard them with too much information. Instead, draw attention to crucial aspects of your website and direct visitors to other pages such as your services pages, FAQs page, contact page, blog, and so on.

5. Optimized Images

The images you choose should convey a tale about how your legal services address problems for your customers and what their lives will be like when they avail them.

Extra Tip: Google favors original content, and photos of you, your colleagues, and your office, rather than stock images, will make your firm appear more trustworthy and genuine.

6. Easy Navigations

One crucial site structure tip for any website is to ensure a site visitor has access to all your important pages from the homepage. Include a simple navigation system–either at the top or on the left–to ensure that your visitors can quickly go to various portions of your website.

Remember: All pages should have a navigation bar. Keep in mind that not everyone will come to your website through the homepage.

7. Social Proof

Though many businesses and legal services have been operating and marketing themselves online for a while, users still can't always trust everything they see on the internet. Hence, why law firms need social proof.

Your website must prove to your visitors that you are dependable and trustworthy. This is best accomplished by showing them testimonials, photos, awards, certifications, written articles and news stories about your firm, and so on.

Although all of these do not need to be on the homepage, having a prominent link or image that directs users to pages where they exist is a good idea.

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8. Keywords And Key Phrases

Ensure that keywords are used throughout the website's content and in headings, page titles, and meta tags–description.

Remember: Keywords are what people use to find your website on search engines, so do keyword research before optimizing your homepage for any of them.

Because Google has improved its ability to read your website, you no longer need to use the same keyword or keyphrase hundreds of times. If you do, you risk being charged with keyword stuffing.

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