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Law Firm Email Newsletter: How To Create Effectively

Updated: Jun 9, 2022

10 Tips To Writing Newsletters For Your Law Firm

By getting people to subscribe to your newsletters, you get a chance to keep in contact with them even after they leave your website. Additionally, this helps your Lawyer SEO and Law Firm Marketing efforts, as it gets you more leads.

Remember: People who subscribe to your newsletters are likely to be already interested in what you can offer, may that be the legal content you publish or the services you can offer.

In this post, we'll list 10 essential tips to help you build the best and most effective newsletter for your Law Firm.

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1. Don't Forget Your Logo

Put your logo at the top of your newsletter so that recipients will recognize it. This is also a basic branding technique, so people associate great content with your law firm's name.

2. Use Headings

As you would in your articles, use headings to distinguish the various sections. This makes it easier to skim and digest your content.

3. Use Dividers And White Spaces

Dividers are helpful because they assist the reader in breaking down and digesting the information. White spaces also make your content look less crowded.

After all, people don't want to read a giant wall of text. It makes it hard to find what they specifically need, which can frustrate a lot of readers.

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4. Use Images

Use images to give your email newsletter a great look, but make sure they are consistent with your brand. You can use them as visual aids to show or demonstrate your points.

If anything, images make your newsletters look nice and can spice up content that's otherwise just full of text.

5. Keep A Consistent Design

The look and feel of your newsletter must be consistent. Color, typography, font style and weight, and voice tone should all be consistent with your brand.

Remember: You don't want to make awkward color scheme choices, nor should you use custom fonts that are hard to read.

6. Encourage Interactions

Allow readers to respond to your article and share it on social media. At the bottom of your newsletter by including buttons with your social media icons.

7. Use Buttons And Image-Based CTAs

Because the majority of people click on visuals, they are also significant. So make sure the photos are linked to the URLs you want your readers to go to.

For example, you can make edit an image and add a powerful CTA to it. Then, you can add a hyperlink to make it clickable.

8. Always Include A CTA

Whatever CTAs you employ, make sure they're simple to comprehend and click. Have one main Call To Action that will assist you in achieving your goal and some extra CTAs like social sharing or email forwarding icons.

9. Don't Forget The Footer

Don't forget to include the relevant information in the newsletter's footer. Because most SPAM laws require double opt-in when people subscribe, you should also provide an unsubscribe link in your email just in case.

10. Proofread And Grammar Check

Finally, double-check your grammar and readability. No lawyer wants a poorly-worded newsletter with spelling errors and grammatical mistakes.

To help you with your grammar, you can use apps like Grammarly to make things a little easier.


Your newsletters have to serve a purpose in your Law Firm Marketing strategy. Don't just make good content; you should present the content in a way that's digestible, interesting, and helpful to the subscriber.

You should remember that your subscribers are likely to associate this content with your law firm, so you should do the best you can to impress them.

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