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How To Use White Space For Law Firm Marketing

Updated: Sep 21, 2022

White Space Design Tips To Boost Design And User Experience

The user experience and readability of a website are influenced by its design. It can also help focus attention on the vital aspects of your Lawyer SEO by bringing the site visitor's eyes to crucial site elements such as text, images, and CTAs.

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What Is White Space and Why Is It Important?

White space is sometimes referred to as negative space. Visitors' focus is directed to specific site features since there is nothing else to look at.

It's worth remembering that not all white space is "white." It could simply be a blank space. Any backdrop color will suffice as long as it separates the various elements and contrasts with the one being highlighted.

Examples of white space include the spaces between images and paragraphs.

White space not only reduces clutter and improves the aesthetics of a web page, but it also fulfills several practical design goals, such as:

  • Improved readability

  • Improved or diverted concentration

  • Improved user experience

Negative space provides a visual break for visitors, whether we recognize it or not. That's why using bullet points to divide up your content is an excellent idea. The bullet points stand out a lot more when they're surrounded by white space. The easier people can get the information they need, the better for your Lawyer SEO.

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This is crucial because too much information or visual data at once can produce information overload, rendering the brain incapable of processing and retaining any information.

Remember: When there is less clutter and distractions, it is much easier for our brains to take in and process information.

How To Optimize White Space On Your Law Firm's Website

Pages with a lot of information stuffed into every nook and cranny are difficult to read because they don't give the eye a chance to rest. Therefore, when designing a web page layout, always allow white space around your design elements.

The open areas not only provide a more appealing, less confining environment, but they also allow the eye to quickly identify all sections of the page, making it more legible.

Remember: Although not a direct ranking factor in Lawyer SEO, design is huge in user experience. If people struggle to use your website, they'll be less likely to stick around.

Developing websites with a black or dark-colored background follows the same principles, but the mood imparted by a dark background is distinct. A lot of space around items on a dark background creates a sense of drama and excitement.

Here are some additional design suggestions to help you loosen up your layout and give your reader more breathing room:

1. Avoid Large Walls Of Text

White space on your legal blog makes the text appear less crowded. Furthermore, allowing your text to breathe makes it more appealing to the eye and easier to skim.

Here are some suggestions for breaking up giant walls of text:

  • Keep your paragraphs to 3-5 phrases in length.

  • Make use of bullet points.

  • Make use of lists.

  • The most important text should be highlighted.

  • Include images in your post.

2. In Terms Of Website Design, Less Is More

Naturally, the less on the page, the easier it is to use white space and floating elements that do not adhere to the grid structure.

Don't worry about cramming all of the crucial details onto a single page. Instead, make distinct pages and link them to anchor texts instead.

In other words, keep the quantity of information on the page's less important sections to a minimum. Instead, keep the more in-depth information for a separate page dedicated to that element.

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3. Reduce Distractions

This is especially important for landing pages that are designed to increase conversions. For example, a site visitor may be distracted from your CTAs if too many components are on the page.

However, avoid overcrowding CTAs, links, and buttons with text and other non-essential site features. The fewer distractions, the more focused the site visitor will be on what you want them to look at.

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