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9 Vital On-Page SEO Factors For Lawyer Marketing

Updated: May 11, 2022

An On-Page SEO Checklist For Law Firm Digital Marketing

Before you venture into backlinks, social media marketing, and email marketing, you first need to make sure you have a well-optimized website. Remember, your website is your calling card. That's where you want people to go.

You don't want people to come across your content on social media only to be disappointed with how slow your website is.

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Everything you do on your website is considered On-Page SEO. Not only are these optimizations crucial for site crawlers, but they also benefit the end-user.

Remember: A well-optimized site is not only crawlable and high-quality. It also needs to be accessible and fast for the people who visit it.

This post will talk about the most important factors of On-Page SEO and why you need to pay attention to them.

1. Content

Yes, high-quality content is still one of the most critical factors of Lawyer SEO.

You can perform all the keyword, description, and internal linking optimization you want. Still, no one will visit your site if the on-page content is terrible.

2. Keywords

Keyword optimization is still a cornerstone of Lawyer SEO today, even though keywords are less important than they were a few years ago. However, the emphasis has changed to more long-tail keywords, which reflect today's internet users' search habits.

First, consider your target audience and the keywords they're looking for, and then build and optimize your website content around them.

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When selecting your keywords, take note of the following:

  • The state or city where you practice

  • Whether or not you offer contingency

  • Whether or not you provide free consultations

  • Available online services

  • Other things that make your law firm unique (i.e., affordable, free appointments, experienced, etc.)

3. Titles

The title tag is one of the most essential On-Page SEO factors after your actual on-page content.

It refers to the title of a web page or the main heading you see in the SERP. This title should be no more than 65 characters long.

4. Meta Description

A meta description is a short summary that shows beneath the URL on a search engine results page. It not only defines the content on that page but it's also written to help your website stand out in the SERP results.

Remember: Although not a direct SEO factor, your meta description is a preview to the searchers. Most people look at the meta description to get an idea of what's on the page, influencing click-through rates.

To ensure that your complete description appears in search results, keep it within 155 characters.

5. Alt Text

Because search engines can't see images, alt text can be assigned to an image to help ensure it gets indexed.

Remember: Search engine crawlers can't tell what's in an image, so they need the alt text to know.

Alt text can also be a vital image search ranking factor.

6. URL Structure

A well-organized URL structure is vital because it allows search engines to simply crawl from page to page on your website and makes navigating easier for users.

Easy-to-understand URLs are more likely to garner clicks and help search engines explore your site, so include terms that reflect the pages they direct to.

In addition, URLs should be brief and contain only your main keyword for that page, with no unnecessary terms.

7. Internal Linking

Internal linking relevant pages on your website is another significant component of On-Page SEO. Linking to relevant pages on your site makes it easy for search engines to crawl everything and keeps users interested for longer.

Remember: Site crawlers follow links to find everything that's on your site.

8. Page Performance

While other On-Page SEO factors focus on content quality and structure, your website's performance is also a ranking point.

Remember: Users become frustrated, quit, and the bounce rate increases when pages take a long time to load or don't render properly on mobile.

So make sure your page is fast, mobile-friendly, and error-free.

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9. Mobile-Friendliness

Everyone has a smartphone. So yes, having a mobile-friendly website is an important element of having an online presence.

Here are the major reasons to ensure that mobile users have a positive experience on your site:

  • Visitors to non-mobile-friendly sites are forced to pinch or zoom to view content, which is inconvenient.

  • Google now ranks websites based on their mobile versions, and they call it mobile-first ranking.

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