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Site Design Checklist For Pennsylvania Law Firms

Lawyer SEO And Law Firm Marketing Factors Of Good Site Design For Law Firms

Several site design elements are Pennsylvania Law Firm SEO rankings factors. Site speed and mobile-friendliness being examples of the many ways Google and other search engines determine your SERP rankings.

Good site design is not only good for Lawyer SEO but also for your audience. Even if you genuinely have excellent information on your website, people won't even read them if your law firm website is poorly-designed.

In short, law firm website design affects both search engines and your audience. To get the maximum ROI out of your law firm marketing in Pennsylvania, here's a checklist of site design aspects you need to optimize:

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#1: Ensure Easy Navigation

You'll want to make it as quick and simple as possible for visitors to do what they want on your website. One of the best ways to implement this is to have a navigation menu or feature broad headers with associated subtopics.

Remember: Visitors who are annoyed or frustrated from having to browse around extensively are likely to switch to a competitor's.

#2: Implement A Responsive Design

More and more people are using their smartphones and tablets to browse websites. So, it's crucial to have a responsive website that functions effectively on any device it is being seen on.

Remember: What might look good on desktops can lead to usability problems once viewed on smaller mobile screens. A site design that can adapt to several devices and screen sizes is the best way to ensure a good user experience for all audiences.

A mobile-optimized website adjusts to improve user experience, such as downsizing pages, changing menu forms, and adding dropdown tabs.

When crawling websites, search engines also prioritize mobile layouts. In fact, mobile-friendliness has become a ranking factor in itself. So, if you want to rank better in search engine results, make sure your website is mobile-friendly.

#3: Maintain Consistent Branding

For users or site visitors to know where they are and where the information they need is on each page, your site should have a consistent website layout, typeface, and color scheme on all pages. Since you have a predetermined template for how those pages should appear on the website, having a designated style guide will also make adding pages or elements to your website quick and simple.

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#4: Use Images On Your Pages

Photos and videos receive greater engagement than text alone. It breaks up the monotony or blandness of a giant wall of text or a blank empty page.

Remember: You should refrain from overstuffing your sites with pointless graphics, though. Don't just include an image for the sake of it; instead, try to strike a balance between text and eye-catching images that serve a purpose.

Instead, try adding an image or a video after a paragraph or a piece of legal information. This would help clarify or corroborate what was said. By doing so, you're reinforcing your message and keeping them interested without overdoing the images.

#5: Compose Great CTAs

A call to action (CTA) is a short statement, a button, or a link that instructs audiences to carry out a specific task. Examples of these calls to action include:

  • Asking audiences to subscribe to your law firm newsletter or email drip

  • A button to take them to your contact information

  • Encouraging audiences to follow your social media profiles

  • Link to an RSS feed to subscribe to your legal blog

Your CTAs must be distinct, appealing, and consistent with your branding.

#6: Optimize For Fast Loading Speeds

Your law firm website's loading speed has a significant impact on both how users interact with your website and how Google ranks it. If a page on your website loads slowly, the visitor will lose patience and go for the information on another, quicker website.

Additionally, crawlers and search engines can detect slow loading speeds and will take a point off when ranking you in the SERPs.

To determine where your page speed can be improved and to evaluate how quickly your site loads, utilize Google's PageSpeed Insights.

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