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6 Lawyer Marketing Tips To Boost Your Online Presence

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

Easy And Actionable Marketing Tips For Lawyers

If you've just started reading up on Lawyer SEO strategies, then you know that there are several digital marketing tactics you can employ. That said, you can't just jump in blind. Instead, you're better off starting your lawyer marketing efforts by knowing the basics.

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1. Build And Design A Solid Website

Your website is the cornerstone of your lawyer marketing strategy. It's where you'll put high-quality material for your present and new clients, as well as basic information about your services.

Your law firm's website should accurately reflect the firm's practices and ideals. Additionally, your website can serve additional purposes, such as providing free online information (but not consultations) to address common legal concerns in your sector or location.

Remember: Think of your website as your calling card. This is where people will know who you are and what you do.

This can help you establish a reputation as a trustworthy legal authority, boosting the likelihood of clients coming to your office.

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2. Learn And Employ Lawyer SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) aims to rank in search engine results pages (SERPs) by employing the proper terms and online tactics.

Local law firms can benefit from Lawyer SEO if they follow best practices such as:

  • Use Local Keywords. Using local SEO keywords will help you appear in relevant searches from people in your area (state, city, and county), which are the most likely to become your clients.

  • Organize Your Site Into Categories. Visitors will find it easier to find the pages they seek if you categorize your website. This is critical for law firms that provide various services (such as Personal Injury, Employment Law, etc.) so that potential clients can quickly find the legal issue that concerns them.

  • Optimize Individual Pages. Individual page optimization can make it easier for search engines to read your content, allowing you to compete with other local businesses. Images, text, video, HTML tags, and other elements are part of the optimization process.

3. Build A Social Media Marketing Strategy

Nearly everyone, including your prospective clients, utilizes social media. Therefore, keeping a reputable and professional profile on Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms is critical to your law firm's branding.

Remember: The most significant benefit of social media is that it allows you to establish trust with potential clients before they even come to your office to inquire.

To make sure you're as accessible as possible to your client base, you can respond to them via direct messaging, comments, tweets, and other options.

4. Consider Content Marketing

Publishing unique, high-quality content is a great way to show off your legal knowledge to your audiences. If you want people to trust you with their legal concerns, you need to establish yourself as an authority, which you may do by sharing authoritative content.

One of the simplest ways to start a content marketing strategy is through legal blogging. By writing blogs, you get to share your knowledge by giving readers tips and trivia about the law.

5. Update Your Legal Blog

As mentioned, legal blogging is a great way to show off your knowledge about the law. How it works is that you write high-quality blogs that attract people to your website. So instead of being promotional, you attract people to your law firm through the promised value of your content.

Remember: Your blog needs to be valuable to your audience, not just promotional. People need to come away with the knowledge or get what they need from your blogs. This is how you build trust.

Blogs are also great places to incorporate photos, videos, and other multimedia to engage your visitors and make them want to stay on your site longer.

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6. Conduct An Email Marketing Strategy

Email marketing has a whole host of benefits. The most important of them is that it allows you to keep communicating with your audience even after they leave your website.

Through this lawyer marketing strategy, your law firm will be able to do the following:

  • Send exclusive news and content

  • Promote new blog posts

  • Ask subscribers to answer surveys

  • Follow up on leads

With the right CTA, you can prompt subscribers to perform the desired action.

Remember: The people who subscribe to your email list are likely to already be interested in what you can offer. In most cases, email marketing is the crucial step to converting readers into clients.

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