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How To Use Social Proof: Do's And Don'ts

Social Proof Best Practices For Law Firms

Social proof is any good feedback about you and your law firm. This includes law firm reviews, user-generated images, mentions, and awards. Since it always comes from other people, it is often viewed as non-biased and trustworthy.

This post will talk about the importance of social proof for law firms, what to do, and what you shouldn't.

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Why You Need Social Proof

There are several reasons why law firms need social proof. Hence, why there are strategies to help you get more reviews, photos, and mentions.

That said, here are a few reasons why social proof helps your Law Firm Marketing Strategy:

  • Boosts Lawyer SEO. Social proof can help you improve your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in addition to raising brand awareness and developing trust between you and prospective clients.

  • Increasing the effectiveness of your social media strategy. Social proof also works when posted across your social media accounts.

  • Providing a more subdued marketing strategy. Instead of trying to sell or advertise your services to clients, social proof is a great way to sway other people's decisions.

Not to mention, social proof is becoming a common factor in people's decision-making. These days, people look up restaurant reviews before they try out a new place. The same thing applies to stores, products, companies, online services, and—of course—law firms.

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Do's And Dont's Of Using Social Proof For Law Firm Marketing

Do: Ask Past Clients To Leave Reviews

Whether in person or via email, ask clients to leave you reviews. It is given at the discretion of the client, and sometimes they need a little reminder. Most times, when asked nicely, clients wouldn't mind writing you a review.

You can also put links on your website. When clicked, it will take the user to Google Reviews, making it more convenient for them.

Remember: Again, since leaving reviews takes time from clients' day, making it as easy for them to do as possible might motivate them to write one for your law firm.

Don't: Give Incentives For Giving Reviews

This makes you look bad. Though unintentional, it comes off as manipulating your reviews. Stick to using powerful CTAs and making it easy for clients to do so.

Remember: The few reviews you might get from people who get swayed by it aren't worth losing the trust you built with prospects, readers, and clients.

Do: Manage Your Reviews

Respond to reviews, including negative ones. There's a correct way to respond to bad reviews, which involves responding nicely, asking to take the conversion privately (usually through email), and resolving the issues through a representative from your firm.

Don't: Worry About One Bad Review

Don't worry too much about it if you can't resolve the matter with one dissatisfied client. In most cases, business listings with a lot of reviews will have less-than-stellar reviews here and there.

If you're doing your best for each case, the few negative reviews can be outweighed by the good ones. Additionally, a few three-star ratings here and there makes your reviews look more organic or believable.

Do: Use Social Proof To Boost Conversions

Websites use social proof on landing pages to affirm a user's decision to subscribe to your newsletter, submit their case details, or set up an appointment.

Law firms would use some data or show off achievements, including stats like the number of cases they've handled, the number of cases won, the number of settlements, the most notable verdicts, etc.

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Don't: Rely On Social Proof Too Heavily

When it comes to social proof, one of the most typical mistakes is leaning too much on it while ignoring other marketing factors like content marketing and Lawyer SEO.

This means that, in addition to increasing your social proof, you should continue to run your legal blog, optimize your website, and send out email marketing campaigns.

Do: Optimize Your Blog For Social Proofing

Incorporating social share buttons and counters into your legal blog is one of the most effective strategies to improve your blog's social proof. This will not only inspire your blog audience to share your content, but it will also show that the content has been loved and shared by many others.

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