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How Does Web Design Affect Lawyer SEO?

Updated: Sep 21, 2022

4 Design Factors That Significantly Contributes To Your Rankings

Web design is concerned with the visual aspects of a website. In contrast, Lawyer SEO is concerned with its visibility and accessibility. A website that gives users what they want aids in the success of your digital marketing strategy.

Building an SEO-friendly law firm website necessitates forethought and a systematic approach. Your website represents your law firm and the products and services you offer.

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Regardless if you're the one designing your law firm's website or someone else is doing it for you, it's still important to know what you want out of your site design. More importantly, your law firm's website shouldn't just look good; it should be attractive, fast, and accessible.

Here are a few attorney website design factors you might check from your website:

1. User-Friendliness

Your digital marketing strategy doesn't start and end getting people on your website. Once people click on your website, they need to stick around, read your content, listen to your CTAs, and visit your landing pages.

User experience is a critical ranking factor for Google. If you have a high bounce rate (where many people immediately leave your website as soon as they click on it), Google assumes that you simply didn't provide helpful or relevant content.

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On the other hand, if site visitors stick around, explore your site, and interact with your content more, it signals that your content is what people are looking for.

That said, a well-designed website that makes it easy for users to explore and use is excellent for Lawyer SEO overall.

2. Mobile-Friendliness

These days, more and more people are using their phones to use search engines. So Make sure your law firm's website is mobile-friendly!

Remember: Google uses mobile-friendliness as a ranking factor. The use of responsive website design can aid in this endeavor. It also removes the possibility of duplicate content. When people search on mobile devices, Google wants to make sure they obtain relevant and timely results.

Mobile-first indexing was also launched by Google. Google emphasized the necessity of making websites mobile-friendly in this way. Many websites, however, have failed in this endeavor.

That said, mobile usability tools were introduced by Google. It is concerned with the user's experience with its services. For managing your online presence, a mobile-friendly website is essential. Smartphone traffic now outnumbers PC traffic.

3. Easy-To-Read Site Design

Google loves content. The more content you post, the better for your rankings. That said, your legal blog not only needs to be good, but it also needs to be readable.

Remember: The way the content is presented has a significant influence on how people receive your content. No matter how well-written your blogs are, it will all be for naught if the font, formatting, and design you're using make it hard to read or understand.

Users will be unable to find what they are looking for due to poor web design. Users are distracted when pages have too many hyperlinks and blocks of text that aren't useful.

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4. Loading Speed

The speed of a website is an integral part of Lawyer SEO. Your website's rating is also affected by its slow speed. People leave quickly if a website takes too long to load.

Remember: Image optimization, browser caching, and removing unneeded plugins can all help boost your loading speed.

A webpage should load in two seconds at the most. Users will click off the site if it takes more than three seconds. Page speed is especially critical on mobile devices, and nobody enjoys waiting for a website to load.

Page speed is important not only for users but also for Google. This is because Google's ability to crawl a site is influenced by speed.

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Lawyer SEO can boost traffic, rankings, and conversions. In addition, doing so can help expand your clientele. To get you started on your Lawyer SEO strategy, review your options here.

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